The right data analytics approach can help you get a competitive advantage by empowering timely business decisions that answer to market conditions and upgrade operations. The efforts involve collaboration with business strategies and the capability to deliver clarity and integrity of information.

PPTS helps organizations recognize their challenges and take proper efforts to execute them into opportunities. Advanced analytics helps to initiate the understanding towards the value of a customer, performance and financial data primarily to provide significant visibility to business users. This helps data-driven resolutions that score in a positive point on the bottom line.

Our Approach

  • Understanding goals and success criteria
  • Gathering information and facts
  • Developing issue / solution tree
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Developing analytics framework
  • Identifying the right data
  • Internal / External
  • Structured / unstructured
  • Data collection & validation
  • Data harmonization
  • Data mining
  • Text mining
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Model development (Iterative approach)
  • Model validation
  • Insight generation
  • Fact-based recommendation
  • Insights reporting and decision optimization
  • Visual story telling
  • Model relearning
  • Generate algorithm (script) for IT implementation

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