Best Employer Brand Award 2019


Employer Branding and its importance:

A strong employer brand is an essential requirement for a company to meet its potentiality in the wide growing market. Strong employer brand here means the relationship and value that a company showers on its employees.

Valuing your employees is important in order to value your customers. There is a great saying from the author Sybil F. Stershic; “The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customers.”

In our present technological evolution, the recruitments for selecting the perfect candidates or retaining the present employees have been changed. The technological advancements have made these selection processes easier by means of social media and carrier review sites which makes effortless for the job seekers to be informed about the requirements and other information.

So what is Employer Branding?

The reputation of the company and its value towards its employees is what we call as Employer Branding. Well-reputed companies provide enough credentials to their employees in order to attract and retain their positive services to the company who contribute major support to the growth and success ratio.

Companies that focus on their customers and clients rather than their employees (what we call as consumer-facing branding) may sustain their growth in the market for a short period of time. Focusing on employer branding at the initial state is so important nowadays which acts as an identity for your business.

Not only employer branding creates an identity for your business, but it also helps in hiring the best and perfect employee for your company. As we all know, the Human Resources department is directly connected with the hiring process and the candidates who are to be the employees of the company. Other than the HR department, the marketing department of the company plays a pivotal role in covering these candidates for the recruitment process, as employer branding is showcased by the marketing team by delivering valuable assets to the HR.

Why Employer Branding is important for a company?

As said earlier, valuing your employees is the first and foremost step required to value your customers. A stat conveys that 84% of the job seekers reveal that the importance of the reputation of the company as an employee should be high which ultimately conveys the importance of employee branding. Further, employee branding directly affects all your business aspects. At the initial stage, the growth of the company is directly depended on the employer branding from which rises the revenue and other valuable aspects of the company. Thus Employer Branding not only increases the revenue of the company but also increases the social value and its reputation.

PPTS India Pvt Ltd. received the ‘Best Employer Brand Awards’ for the year 2019. Valuing our employees is the first and foremost motto of our company. We render our services since 2001 with our satisfied customers in various industries across India, USA, Canada, France, and other European countries. PPTS, as an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified organization, prides itself with its success factors of utmost importance not only to pristine quality, timely delivery, clear correspondence, and instant response but also in understanding and providing proper training needs for our employees as well as implementing best HR practices for our professionals. In the year 2017, we deemed ourselves as one of the silver partners of Odoo by successfully delivering solutions in different industrial aspects including manufacturing, retail, and trading, etc. For any queries regarding Odoo implementation, customizations, integration, and other Odoo services feel free to contact us.


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