How to Use Odoo for Inventory Management?

Inventory is probably the most important part of business operations. Infact, It is an essential part of small and large business operations. This however cannot


Odoo 15 Roadmap : Expected Features

Throughout the business world, there are scores in anticipation of any news over the highly sought after Odoo 15 release dates along with any information on the Odoo 15 expected features.


How to Integrate Facebook with Odoo ERP?

Integrating social media platforms and the source of ERP software are becoming ever so increasingly popular as it can fully provide a far more comprehensive CRM as well as all the sales benefits.

Kanban View in Odoo14

A Kanban view can eventually be a very good way to represent data. Odoo Studio makes it so much easier to add them with all relevant data

Why to do Whatsapp Integration with Odoo?

Odoo WhatsApp Chat Integration ideally allows you to fully integrate WhatsApp to your existing Odoo version so that it can offer very quick support to your existing customers.


Unveiling Odoo 14 – What is in the Odoo 14 Release Notes?

Odoo 14 is sure to elevate businesses that rely on ERP software solutions. Focusing on improving the current version, The Odoo 14 features a lot more sophisticated changes that businesses will need to amp up their presence in the market.