PPTS, as a dedicated support team and a help desk provider, dedicated solely to our customers business based on their requirements. Rather than the provision of a simple aid, we provide actual extension of your business in an appealing option at a fixed fee. With extensive technical knowledge, our dedicated support services are available via email, chat, IM and phone irrespective of the time zone. Gaining vivid knowledge of your business models by our dedicated customer support team will help you in producing opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling easily.


Centralize your back office operations and eliminate redundancy by consolidating your business operations with our shared support team. Escalate complicated issues at a cost-effective way with the help of our shared support team. Our shared support services are tailored to focus on limited resources and activities that support the division’s business goals in order to enhance your business vertical in every possible aspect.


Gather all inputs precisely and manage them in a unified way is the ultimate aim of our POC by means of the ticketing system. With the perception of being efficiently managed and aligned, information is handled with high time-sensitivity and accuracy. A single point of contact support works efficiently by integrating and coordinating all the efforts that generate value for our customers thus providing our customers with more satisfaction and confidence with the benefits of support service.


Clear viewpoint of our customers’ expectations and goals are gained through direct presence support which acts as a key element for retaining our customers. Communicating directly with the team and responding in a timely manner is the underlying parameters for the betterment of your business adopted by the benefits of direct presence support. Further, establishing trust and respect towards our work and support enhances our customer's business model multi-dimensionally which is one of the main benefits of direct presence support.