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  • No Track of Inventory – Stock Control or Stock Visibility ? 
  • Unstructured Master data – BOM and Routings ?
  • No proper planning in production ?
  • No centralized system to manage your business processes ?  
  • Order entry was manual  and Time consuming?
  • Poor Workstation management ?
  • Below par MIS Reporting
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It's time for you to

Streamline your Manufacturing Processes with a Web-based All-in-One Integrated ERP

Manufacturing Reinvented with Odoo

A modern solution to an old problem.


  • Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Quality, Production and Finance fully integrated.
  • Flexible Master data Management. 
  • Manage Multi-level BOM 
  • Integrated Accounting for Better Tracking of Processes like Order to Cash Management, Manufacturing and Procure to Pay Process

Real Time Communication

  • Integrated ERP for inventory and Accounting Management to Track the Real-time Inventory Cost 
  • Auto scheduler (MRP II)  to generate the Procurement orders based on set Replenishment methods
  • Display worksheets, quality alerts to workers during operations.
  • Better utilization of resources with instant reports

No More Time Clocking

  • Get real-time insights on manufacturing times measures.
  • Define multiple steps in a work order and link them to worksheet pages: scan a product, take a picture, quality control, etc.

Shop Floor Automation

  • Automatic Scheduling of Work Orders for better Production-planning. 
  • Workstation dashboard for production efficiency.  
  • Traceability of Product availability with Odoo Integrated Warehouse.

Enhanceable & Scalable

  • Easily add on/enhance the apps at any point of time
  • Highly customizable to meet the unique business requirements

Companies grow 25% faster with better data. Ready to harness the power of ERP?

Key Process Involved with Manufacturing Process

Sales Management

Manage your sales process and customer lifecycle efficiently - from initial contact to final sale thereby enhancing the customer experience.

Suppliers & Purchase Management

Ease out your procurement process, the complete order-to-pay cycle. Compare suppliers and prices to negotiate better deals and to identify new opportunities easily.

Inventory management (Locations, Procurement Method, Advanced Routes)

Maximise your warehouse efficiency and improve performance and process time. Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations.

Production Management (BOM, Workstation, Routing /Operations)

Automate production processes and eliminate complexities and enhance productivity to a large extent.

Quality Management (Inward, In process, Final Quality)

Enhance customer satisfaction and act wisely on non-conformance, identify and resolve conflicts in no time.

Accounts Management

Manage your cash transactions swiftly and get real-time insights from purchase and sales in terms of finances.

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