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Since service companies has increased in numbers in the recent years, the competition among them has also increased. Maintaining a smooth work flow is essential for any company to overcome the competition. Instead of maintaining vast quantity of software and handling numerous works, it is wise to choose a single software which comprises all the specifications a company needs. ODOO ERP/OpenERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software which assists the service industries in all verticals like: Human Resources, Accounting, Project Management, Task Management, etc.

List of areas covered by ODOO in service industries.

Human Resources

Posting of jobs, tracking job applications, organizing vacancies are optimized in the customized ODOO application. Using templates and personalized emails respond to the job enquires with just a single click.

With ODOO module, have a complete analysis on the recruitment pipeline. In the Kanban view, with customized steps, segregate the interview checkpoints like: interview, negotiation, documentation, etc.

In ODOO ERP, since applicants’ documents are indexed automatically, using that through the Kanban view track applicants with the specific skills you are looking for.

In this customized ODOO app, sensitive information can be set to visible only to the HR officials.  Also, alerts can be set for requirements like: appraisals, leave requests, applications, etc.

With ODOO ERP, employee’s working hours can be tracked and sorted by the project they are working on, client they are handling, etc. Real-time data is available on the time spend on a project employee-wise.

With this ODOO module, employees can apply leave requests directly, and approval or disapproval of leaves are made in quick-time and both employees and managers are notified for every action made.


ODOO ERP terminated the need of downloading multiple software for maintaining accounting record. Through the ODOO module, through the Expenses dashboard access and optimize accounting receipts like: office supplies, travel expenses, etc.

With the ODOO module, expenses incurred team-wise can be tracked and analyses, and receipts can be uploaded to the expense record without taking much time.

In this ODOO module, manage the important aspects of accounting, like: Profit & Loss statement, Balance Sheet, Tax Reports, Ledger, Consolidated Journal Reports, etc.

Project Management

In the customized ODOO app, track a project’s progress, deadline, and other verticals and reschedule according to the priorities.

With ODOO’s customized software, segregate a project’s workload and assign to the employees considering the aspects like: Long term or short term planning, Resource availability, project deadline, etc., which helps to keep the process in line, and helps in completing more productively.

In this ODOO module, the difficulties of long time meetings, prolonged decision taking, tracking progress of a project, etc., are avoided. Communication has been made simple, with specifications like uploading files, adding quick notes, by which endless tasks are finished quickly.

Using ODOO module, contracts can be supervised and managed easily. Lot of tools are available to keep to updated on the deadline, renewal time of contracts.

Using Portal Access Management in the ODOO app, status of tasks/projects are tracked with ease of access.



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