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E-waste ERP

The e-waste management industry is one of today’s most innovative and vital businesses. Back in 2018, 82% of India’s total e-waste was a personal device. The market size of the industry is expected to grow by CAGR by 14.3% from 2021 to 2028. The e-waste management industry has various departments like logistics, truck management, container management, product categorization, recycle management, etc.

The problem with the industry is that it doesn’t have any management tool for managing the entire process starting from collecting the e-waste to recycling it. We provide solutions to the e-waste industry with our customized ERP system, and odoo modules to solve all the problems of the industry.

Overcome your e-Waste Industry inconvenience

Organized Inventory Plan

E-Waste industries are always struggling to plan for inventory and end up messing things up


Supervising Entire Process

The E-Waste industry requires more processes and there is no supervision of the entire process in a single place.

Hazardous Waste Management Process

Only up to a certain percentage, of e-waste can be recycled and hazardous e-wastes are sent to landfills.


Flexible systems

There are no flexible systems for managing the process for different organizations in the industry.

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Our Expertise 

Automated Data Management

Work Plan Management

Logistics Management

Accounting Management

Our Expert Solutions in eWaste ERP

Automating Workflows

Providing Useful Third-party Integrations

Sub-Product Management and categorization

Customized Solutions

Streamlining various process

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Why Choose PPTS for e-Waste ERP Solutions?
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Highly efficient business processes with promised productivity gains

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Promoting Flexibility and optimized solutions that enables cost efficiency upto 60%

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Data Security

Highly experienced in creating a secured system with potential cash flow

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Professional & Advanced Services

Delivering better results with perfect blend of business domain knowledge and advanced technology frameworks

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Trusted Service

Focusing on core competencies and better management of legal regulations

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