Janitorial ERP

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Janitorial ERP

The janitorial services industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, it’s a good thing for many other business owners as they can avail of the service quickly. Almost in all parts of the world, we have janitorial services where they are working for big MNC companies, Schools, Hospitals, Gyms, Daycare, etc.

The problem with this industry is managing the costs of labor, and also the materials involved in the process. Moreover, most janitorial services operate in a manual working mode which consumes a lot of staff and time. Automating the workflows with ERP can be the best solution for the janitorial industry.

Overcome your Janitorial Business inconvenience

Unorganized Workflow Management

Workflows in the janitorial industry are not well organized for better efficiency and also there is no one overall Management tool.

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Inefficient Financial Planning

Janitorial Business requires more cleaning materials and labor costs and if not organized, their financials will be in a mess.

Lack of Automated Workflows

Everything in the industry works on manual data entry and which cost them their time and effort.

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Our Expertise 

Automated Scheduling

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Manage Employee Records

Create Custom Workflows

What are the results we provide?

Increased Efficiency

Operations with Digitalized Processes

Automated Appointment Booking

No Manual Data Entry

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Why Choose PPTS for Janitorial ERP Solutions?
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Highly efficient business processes with promised productivity gains

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Promoting Flexibility and optimized solutions that enables cost efficiency upto 60%

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Data Security

Highly experienced in creating a secured system with potential cash flow

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Professional & Advanced Services

Delivering better results with perfect blend of business domain knowledge and advanced technology frameworks

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Trusted Service

Focusing on core competencies and better management of legal regulations

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