Key Factors to Choose best Odoo Consultancy – Their Importance, Types, & Benefits


In the modern business standards, consultancy services have become one of the essential needs in order to assist business users to solve their work complexities within a certain area of business. Besides the company size, from small to large, organizations have initiated to implement business consultants in their work space in order to gain better business insights and provide advanced technical solutions for complex problems.

Nowadays, companies have started to develop their own internal consulting team in which a crew of consultants having their expertise in a wide range of technological frameworks render their support in offering advanced practical solutions by understanding the unique business architecture accordingly. Also, certain companies outsource their business needs to external consulting service providers in order to seek expert advice and run their business smoothly. Similarly, in order to provide businesses with accurate Odoo solutions and implementation services, companies have to assist with the expert Odoo consultants. Odoo Consultants assists the business users from the scratch i.e, from opting with the right Odoo ERP framework to selecting the desired Odoo modular solutions that are to be processed.

Why are Odoo Consultants important for business?


  • By opting with expert and highly knowledgeable Odoo consultants, it is easy for a business to develop only the required Odoo solutions that are needed for the business development. Thus resulting in cost and time efficiency.
  • Odoo Consultant Services completely reduces the business efforts by understanding and designing the real prospects in the ERP project.

Not only with the internal support, the Odoo consultants can also render their efficient contribution in other Odoo client projects.

Ready to analyze your Odoo ERP needs with the help of proficient Odoo consulting services?

Our certified Odoo functional consultants can help you out in providing a cost-effective implementation system.

Thinking about how an Odoo consulting partner can benefit your business with Odoo implementation and support? You are at the right stop. Keep reading!

Benefits of Odoo Consultant Services

Implementing Odoo related services and solutions with the help of Odoo consultant services comprises multiple benefits in various dimensions. The following are some of the major benefits of having an expert consultant while experiencing Odoo ERP services.

  • Define your business process efficiently

Most of the companies have initiated the concept of implementing ERP in their workspace in order to compete with the constantly upgrading market. When it comes to implementing Odoo ERP, the business user may not have any mere idea about the essential features and customizations that are only required for their business. In case of not planning an effective proposal for implementing the Odoo ERP, it may lead to an increase in overall cost of the Odoo implementation and further results in time inefficiency. Odoo consultant services can help the business user to overcome these inconveniences and to manage an efficient plan that can result in time and cost efficient Odoo ERP implementation solutions. It is processed by defining the entire business processes efficiently by means of pre-planning the required in-built and customized features to be implemented in the work system.


  • Power understanding of Odoo with regards to unique business needs

The Odoo consultant services helps a business user with a powerful understanding of what Odoo exactly is and how Odoo’s modular solution can meet and benefit the unique business requirements of the company. A Odoo consultant assists the business by rendering his expert and wide ranged support in notifying the pros and cons of Odoo Services with respect to the specific ERP implementation and business requirements.

  • Gain more in-depth business work process

By experiencing the services of efficient Odoo consultants, the business user can experience the high potential features and services available in Odoo which brings an in-depth working of business processes with regards to the implemented Odoo ERP solutions. Also, the Odoo consultancy services can help in providing a definite improvement for all the requirements thus finding the most accurate solution in the implemented Odoo ERP system.

  • Accurate analysis of products and services

A proper technical analysis of business products and services processed in the implemented Odoo ERP system has to be analyzed and projected in order to enhance the business growth in multi-dimensional aspects. Odoo Consulting partners assist your business with accurate analysis of business operations and performance which includes process identification, better solution provision, streamlining of the business activities by improved integrated solutions.

  • Reliable service offerings

A non-guaranteed service provider who does not have a wide framework knowledge in Odoo, supports the entire process leads to rework in constructing effective business operations and also, it constrains the features of Odoo. Whereas, certified Odoo consultancy services help in providing essential, qualitative, and reliable Odoo service offerings that unleashes the complete potentiality of Odoo ERP.

  • End-to-End Business Support

An Odoo consultancy service provider rendered their efficient support across the entire end-to-end business process. From the initial stage of planning the required modular solutions in the Odoo implementation process according to the established business hierarchy to the final overall documentation of the end-to-end processes, the Odoo consultancy services have their essential support.

Interested in experiencing professional guidance throughout the Odoo implementation process?

Further, there are two different types of Odoo consultants available on the current upgraded markets. They are;

Odoo Functional Consultants

Odoo functional consultants help in assisting with the business needs and required essential project decisions during the Odoo implementation process.


  • Industrial Expertise
  • Highly knowledgeable with the business flow
  • Essential solutions for business obstacles
  • Strong integrated solutions
  • Better communication with both technical and non-technical persons 

Odoo Technical Consultants


Odoo Technical Consultants help in filling the void between the implementation of Odoo ERP and business processes. The functions that are planned and designed by the Odoo functional consultants are processed in real time by means of Odoo technical consultants.

  • Coding Expertise
  • Real time implementation of business process
  • Wide technical framework knowledge
  • Module Improvisation
  • Specified development and implementation of technical processes

Essential Benefits of our Odoo Consultancy Services

PPTS India Pvt Ltd., is an official Odoo Gold Partner in the USA, France, and India, and a top leading Odoo development company cater our services in all aspects of Odoo ERP services. Our certified Odoo Consultants exclusively benefit your business in the various following aspects.

  • A detailed price estimation is defined which meets real time accuracy during the project implementation process.
  • Manage efficient timeline of the project
  • Customers across various departments are identified precisely
  • Deducing the risks during the Odoo implementation process
  • Simplified ROI understanding and flawless documentation process based on the hierarchies.

Thus, from designing the hierarchy and essentialities of Odoo ERP with respective of the business process to the final support, our highly qualified Odoo consultants with years of experience assist your business with essential solutions and support throughout the end-to-end process.

Ready to redefine the essential, time and cost efficient Odoo implementation processes with the help of our proficient Odoo Consultants?

  1. What are the benefits of Odoo Consultant?

    Establishment of detailed development and work plan
    Gain in-depth business insights
    Accurate product and service analysis
    Experience the complete Odoo potential with regards to the business needs
    End-to-end business support

  2. Why should I choose an Odoo Consultant?

    Odoo Consultants can assist the business users from the scratch i.e, from opting with the right Odoo ERP framework to selecting the desired Odoo modular solutions that are to be processed. Hence, the desired output can be easily attained at ease along with time and cost efficiency.How can I find the Best Odoo Consultant

  3. How can I find the Best Odoo Consultant?

    An expert Odoo Consultant can be identified by certain essential factors such as;
    Years of Experience
    Odoo certifications
    Odoo partnership they work for
    Wide knowledge in various frameworks and in analysing the exact business needs.

  4. What are the steps to hire an Odoo Consultant?

    Hiring request
    Signing agreement
    Expert Consultant allocation
    Task Allocation
    For more details about hiring Odoo developers and consultants, have a quick read by visiting – Hire Odoo Developers 

  5. Why Certified Odoo Consultants are better than Freelancers?

    High experience in dealing with complicated tasks and updated needs.
    Specialization and the services rendered
    Professionalism in provided services
    Domain expertise in many different key areas
    Highly reliable and confidential

  6. Difference between Functional Consultant and Technical Consultant

    The Odoo functional consultants are specialized to deal with the business analysis in accordance with the available Odoo features and possibilities. Further, they are expertised in various industries. Odoo Technical consultants are experts in coding processes in order to customize Odoo based on the unique business needs.