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PPTS Bookkeeping services are focused at helping our customers with the management and accounting services to reduce finance and accounts operating costs. The accounting data files are tailored based on the specific business needs. By making use of our elegant bookkeeping services, the user can easily manage payroll, create and maintain monthly financial reports, handle deposits, manage ever-changing world of sales taxes along with the quarterly taxes and withholding. We offer professional and personalized cost-effective bookkeeping services in India covering the entire scope of booking services with flexibility for the customers. By outsourcing bookkeeping services to us, you can benefit from the cost advantages of our expertise in finance and accounting services.

Our Bookkeeping Options

We render our services using the combined options of Odoo bookkeeping, Quickbooks bookkeeping, Myob bookkeeping, etc.

Specialized Software

Hired Bookkeeper

Combination of Both

Our Bookkeeping Services

Our Bookkeeping services include Odoo bookkeeping, Quickbooks bookkeeping, Myob bookkeeping, etc., along with the following services.

General terms of Bookkeeping services

Availability of Bank Reconciliation services

Instant Invoice preparations

Gain Record Updates on regular basis

Profitable Tax returns

General ledger maintenance

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