Best Employer Brand Award 2020 – Third year in a row!

Venue: Chennai

It is yet another proud moment for us at PPTS as we bagged the Best Employer Brand Award again, for the third consecutive year. Our journey over the years has led us to believe that milestones are reachable with consistent and quality efforts but to see us reach landmarks has required us to break from the mould and stand out for our services.

At PPTS, we go by the motto that the employees play the most crucial part of the organization, and their happiness will allow us to see results in the work front. Not just the employees, we treat our client with just as much concern as we treat our employees. Our clients have always commended us for our services which have been our driving force, pushing us towards doing better than before. If not for a dedicated and highly efficient team, we would not have reached the position we are today.

It is both humbling and elating to know that we have been able to make our mark amidst constant, competitive and stiff competition. This award will only promote us to higher standards in terms of brand reach and acceptance. It will also help us while pitching to clients who seek to work with a firm that is validated and has been recognized by an accrediting body. We are already engineering our gears to go straight for the cup another year again with rigorous client retention efforts and boosting service satisfaction.

The pinnacles of success are still miles away, but we have surely treaded the right path with what we do and how well we have been able to execute it!