An all-inclusive Retail Management Solution

Focus on the bigger picture while the software handles the rest

A retail management system is not just limited to retail outlook but more than the automation of everyday sales and business transactions, it diversely includes a wide range of modules and functionalities that are flexible for customization, to match with the various business needs. For a more comprehensive approach towards better decision-making, our software inventory, customer management tools, vendor and employee-related tools. Mainly, our systems are capable of providing insight into your business that can be formatted and encapsulated into on-demand, multi-dimensional reports.

What our retail management software has to offer?

The features of Retail Management Solutions

Combining technology with retailer and customer experience:

Inventory Management Software

Accounting Software

CRM Software

Merchandise Sales Data and Analytics Software

E-commerce (Omnichannel) Software

Business Intelligence Software

Warehouse Management and Logistics Software

Employee management

Transforming store experiences with digital enhancement

Our integrated retail software includes


Customer Service

Field Service

Talent Management

Finance and Operations

Project Service Automation


Customer Insights

A standard and seamless way to manage retail!

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Retail ERP with Effective Store Control

All the store policies can be created which will have total control over the various aspects of Point of sale. Retailers can also create store groups as well as allocate policies to store these groups based on categories. They can also manage the software updates to the POS centrally without much effort.

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Promotions Engine

Our retail store software offers flat-discount, power-pricing, bill buster, buy-get, happy hour promotions and more on various categories of inventory. The Retail Management Software provides the option to create multiple promotions in advance in the retail ERP. It also comes with the option to allocate promotions to store groups as well.

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Gift Vouchers

The Retail ERP software also allows the retailers to create gift voucher series and to also issue/ sell vouchers using the software. They can even check the online validity and allow gift voucher redemption as well.

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Shopping Vouchers

The retail management software also allows for the issuing of one-time use or multi-use shopping vouchers which can easily be personalized. The software for the retail shop facilitates the purpose of tracking and notifying on events like customer birthdays or shopping above threshold or even buying certain item from a certain assortment. They can also create specific promotions tagged with the vouchers to enable specific discounts in the point of sale.

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Salesmen and Store Users

Salesmen and store users can be ideally and centrally created to manage and monitor the functioning of the store. It provides user policies defined as per the said role and may allow privileged access to POS back office. Salesmen incentive plans can be initiated and used to generate certain and specific bonus reports

Powerful and proactive Retail ERP management solutions!

Why choose PPTS for Retail Management Solutions?

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Highly efficient business processes with promised productivity gains

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Promoting Flexibility and optimized solutions that enables cost efficiency upto 60%

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Data Security

Highly experienced in creating a secured system with potential cash flow

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Professional & Advanced Services

Delivering better results with perfect blend of business domain knowledge and advanced technology frameworks

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Trusted Service

Focusing on core competencies and better management of legal regulations