ODOO Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS)

An Extensive Solution for Your HR Needs – A Complete On-Premise Odoo HRMS Solution

Most Elegant Way To Invest In Your Employees

HRMS Solution is a strategic approach for the effective management of people in an organization that can yield a competitive advantage. Using this advancement in HR management, the businesses can easily manage on-boarding, employee data, attendance, leave, payroll, expenses, and also, measure performances of the employees effectively from anywhere across the world. It’s the best time to elevate the ownership of the organization, systems, and processes. Dive into the Strategic development approach to enhance  your organization.

Highlights Of Our HRMS Solutions

Employee Master

Employee profile directory
Direct & Contract staffing
Salary & Wages Classifications
Appraisal management
& more..

Leave Management

Leave classifications
Easy leave requests
Integrate biometric devices
Timesheet management
&more ….

Expense Management

Expense requests from mobile
Attach soft copy bills easily
Track allowed expenses
Integrate Expense with accounting.
&more ….

Payroll Master

Control & Assess employee data
Define IT deductions
Manage Payroll process
Payslip generation
&more …

Our HRMS Solutions to Automate Your Business

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Our Unique Odoo HRMS Solution

Third-party Vendor Management

Manage your third-party vendors more efficiently by using the advanced features of Odoo HRMS solutions

Efficient Tax Management System

Make use of advanced Odoo HRIS features to calculate your GST & other tax processes with regards to the work system

Batch Payment Process

Automate the payslip processes based on the various categorized employees by means of batch payment methodologies

Automated Inbuilt Reporting & Analytics

Make use of the intuitive dashboard and its reportings which directly helps in better business and employee management

Data Synchronization using odoo trim tables

Effective data integration with third-party management solutions using the Odoo trim tables

Key Payroll Benefits of Our HRMS Solutions

Location-wise Payroll management system

Automated Payroll process integrated with biometric attendance system

Categorized Allowances & Deductions based on government norms

Bonus and ExGratia

Zero Deduction based on employee salary template

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