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Efficient Supply Chain Services

Business scopes have drastically increased with globalization. In order for your company to achieve its widened business needs, an essential and focused global supply chain model is substantial. Odoo ERP renders its business users with automated supply chain models which provide a competitive edge, fast gained traction, smarter economic flowcharts, and contemporaneous products. Thus, a detailed insight into business operations which ultimately increases the overall productivity of the organization.

Overcome your SCM Inconveniences

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Inefficient SCM Planning

Overcome your future inconveniences with an effective plan that creates consistent and reliable forecasts to meet the demands.

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Challenges in Traceability

Streamline and trace all your SCM functionalities with better understanding of the flow of goods which is the initiative step to safety.

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End-to-End process visibility

Make use of our advanced SCM solutions through which you can easily gain visibility of the entire work process.

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Risk Management

Overcome all your risks and complexities by establishing a stabilized SCM system that improves supplier performance and manages inventory efficiently.

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Customer Centricity

Embrace an eminent supply chain management system that can offer customized and innovative solutions, services, and products.

Ready to Streamline all your SCM activities from managing your raw materials to delivering the products?

Our Expert SCM Solutions in Odoo

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Double Entry System

Maintain all your transactions and supply chain records efficiently using the double entry system i.e, incoming stocks in one account and the outgoing stocks in another.

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Native Accuracy & Real Time Control

Detect, solve, and avoid errors and mistakes naturally using the real time control and supply check thus establishing an accurate work system.

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Highly Scalable SCM System

Establish a highly flexible, scalable, and easily traceable supply chain system which increases the micromanagement of your whole supply chain.

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Optimized Logical Accounting

Experience an Improvised inventory management and optimized supply chain system which notifies the business user incase of any mismatch.

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Report Automation

Gain more real time automated reports of categorized work systems so that the business user can identify the flaws instantly and focus on better improvement.

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Process Micromanagement

Make use of a detailed supply chain system and optimize all your business operations by including small dispatch zone, shelf, and other small locations.

Our Key Cycle of SCM

SCM Planning & Forecasting

SCM Strategy

SCM Data Management

SCM Risk Management

SCM Dashboard

SCM Consulting

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