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Stock keeping is key to knowing where the business stands in terms of efficiency and proper management. Therefore establishing a modernized inventory is crucial for businesses to excel in the world of inventory control. We are partnered with Odoo to make sure the tedious efforts put into analysing, optimizing and organizing your physical inventories, and newer added products are eliminated.

Overcome your Inventory Inconveniences

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Supply Chain

Invest in automating your inventory systems with real-time solutions to overcome all your supply chain complexities.

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Organized Inventory Plan

Failure in planning the inventory processes leads to inefficiency of the overall business productivity. Make use of advanced customized features of Odoo to prepare a proper inventory plan which is essentially required for day-to-day operations.

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Updated inventory system

An outdated inventory system leads to pilferage, typical errors, and miscalculations in entry exchanges. Upgrade your inventory system by implementing Odoo ERP.

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Stock Audits

Schedule your error-free stock audits with advanced features such as barcode scans, resource allocation and management, etc.

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Customer Demand

With growing market trends and challenges, customer needs are drastically changing in our daily life. Hence, it essential to provide a highly flexible order management and distribution system.

Want a solution to all your inventory challenges under one roof?

Our Expert Solutions in Odoo Inventory

All-in-one Integrated Inventory Solutions

Automate your inventory functionalities by means of implementing our Odoo integrated inventory solutions such as Accounting, Sales, Quality, Purchases, and other systems using powerful API integration services.

Multiple Configurations

Multi configurations such as warehouses, locations, routes, operation types, etc., are configured efficiently within a single management system using Odoo ERP.

Efficient Stock Management

When it comes to inventory, management of multiple products is a nightmare. But not anymore! With our Serial Number Customization Odoo module solution, the bulk products are processed within a matter of seconds.

Cost Identification

Manage proper records with our Odoo ERP services through which the values of the stocks are maintained and identified in future for error-free inventory management


Deliver your products directly to your customers without any interventions and collect the required invoices using our customized drop-shipping feature in Odoo.

Advanced MRIS Feature

Material requests are raised and managed efficiently within the inventory department resulting in increased time-efficiency and business productivity.

Our Key Cycle of Inventory Management

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Inventory Optimization

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Supply Chain Data Management

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Inventory Planning and Forecasting

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Logistics Management

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Network Optimization

Optimize your inventories with our modernized & effective Odoo ERP solutions!

How our Odoo Inventory Solutions help in elevating your business?

Forecast and Tracking

Track all your business functionalities such as orders, sales, purchases, stocks, revenue, etc., within a single platform which helps in forecasting your business effectively.

Increased Productivity

Based on the track records and forecasts, the essentials can be implemented in the working system which gradually increases the overall productivity of the business.

Increased Time and cost Efficiency

Our inventory solutions initiate the concepts of automation in your work system which directly has its impact in increased time and cost efficiency.

Why PPTS as your Inventory Management Partner?

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