Rental Management In Odoo eCommerce


With the current business culture-shifting, online rental companies are making a huge difference in the eCommerce arena. Many businesses and individuals rely on rental products to handle their operations and day-to-day needs rather than investing huge sums of money in the purchase of expensive machines and products.

Odoo Ecommerce Brings An Increasing Trajectory To Rental Industry

With the presence of a separate rental management module in Odoo, eCommerce businesses can easily handle and monitor their products effectively. The usage of an interactive website interlinked with Odoo rental management functionality helps users to rent out the products listed directly on the website.

Furthermore, the rentable products can be listed with specifications and prices. Due to the development of the digital-based Odoo eCommerce platform, rental businesses can list out the offers, discounts, and other important information on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, and manage them effectively.

Making Product Rentals Easier With Odoo Rental Management Solutions

The presence of a separate Odoo rental management module in Odoo allows easy management and effective monitoring of eCommerce businesses. The usage of websites interlinked with the rental management functionality in Odoo helps users to rent out the products currently available and listed directly from the eCommerce website.

Also, you can handle the contract and agreement of the rental products as per the requirements. The documents must be managed properly for avoiding any kind of issues. So, customers can easily visit websites and choose any rental products, and make payments for the tenure they wish.

How Does Odoo Rental Management Works?

Below is the eCommerce page for a laptop sales and rental website. Using the Odoo eCommerce solutions, you have the option to purchase or rent the product.

After choosing the rental option, the user can select the necessary RAM size and required storage space for the laptop. After that, the user can add the total count or number of that particular laptop he or she needs.


Then the user can select the rental start date and end date. Once these fields are chosen, the total amount to be paid gets displayed. Also, the user can see the stock available based on which he or she can decide the count.

Odoo rentalmanagement-2

After choosing the necessary options, the user clicks on the ‘Rent Now’ button which directs to the ‘Review Order’ as shown below. Here the user can verify the quantity and even view the taxes and other charges involved along with the final amount to be paid. The ‘Review Order’ page even allows the user to add any promo code to get discounts on the rental price. Once confirmed, the user can click the ‘Process Checkout’ to proceed to the Address and confirmation order page.

odoo-rental-management-3Benefits Of Odoo Rental Management

  • Efficient Rental Management

Odoo rental management is an efficient tool for eCommerce. It is designed in a user-friendly way and helps users to handle and organize all the necessary details in the best possible manner.

  • Creates Faster Scheduling Support

The Odoo eCommerce module for rental products is supported by Gantt schedules that provide an overview of all the rental activities schedules in a week or month. Most importantly, the Odoo rental management tool keeps an eye on different kinds of rental activities that occur in a particular period.

Even managers can keep track of activities and plan accordingly. Users can view the availability of the product for rent. Even eCommerce owners can view the return dates and schedule further rental activities based on that.

  • Less Data Entry Work

No doubt, data entry is a tough task while managing a business. It becomes much more complicated when done manually. However, with the rental management system of Odoo, the invoices and orders can be created with the help of a few clicks.

Using Odoo rental management solutions, you can handle all the eCommerce operations in a single platform. And all the things can be tracked simultaneously. Most importantly, eCommerce owners can store and handle the details of the customers and the terms and methods of payments. So, the data entry work gets reduced and even gets diminished in the rental process using the Odoo eCommerce rental solutions.

  • Easier Product Management

Odoo rental management module has product management support. Here one can create the rental products and take care of their stock. Odoo eCommerce website owners can check the availability of the product for rental and future actions can be planned based on it. There are even options to manage the rental products based on serial numbers.

  • Managing The Rental Price

In the Odoo rental management solutions, the rental price is decided based on the product rented and the rental period. So, if the eCommerce rental business provides discounts on renting more units of the same products, the amount can be easily auto-calculated with the Odoo eCommerce rental management tool.

Also, the Odoo rental management tool helps to manage the rental charges for a fixed period and even for extended periods. Plus you can easily calculate the additional rental charges if the products returned are delayed with the rental management tool. The amount calculated would be based on the extra hours or days used.

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