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Odoo Integration Services

Odoo can offer multi-dimensional solutions for better organization of business functionalities by means of its integration services. By implementing Odoo integrations with third-party apps, it acts as a complete business suite assisting its users to meet their business requirements efficiently. As an open-source ERP system, it can be customized based on the uniqueness of the business purpose. PPTS India Pvt Ltd., offers wide range services in Odoo ERP Integrations by analyzing your unique business requirements and providing the required Odoo services.


Why are Odoo Integration Solutions important?

Every business comprises multiple blocks of units in it which forms the entire organization. In order to unite these multiple blocks and form an effective communication between these business functionalities, Odoo integration solutions play a vital role. It helps in increasing the overall performance efficiency by managing all business aspects within a single platform.

Odoo integration assists your business in essential functionalities such as CRM, accounting, inventory and warehouse management, sales, human resources, finance, project management, eCommerce development, marketing, and many more. 

Availability of Odoo Integrations with third party apps makes Odoo ERP as a standalone software which results in increased time and cost efficiency across various departments of a business.

Advantages of Odoo Integration Services

Highly Customizable

As said earlier, Odoo is an open-source ERP system which can be completely customized. Thus, Odoo Integration Services can also be customized based on the business requirements.

Completely Modular

Odoo is known for its modular solutions. Ready to download Odoo modules are available in the Odoo apps store which acts as instant Odoo integration solutions.

Advanced Technology Updates

Odoo assists its users with updated technologies and frameworks to meet modern business requirements. We help you with the latest Odoo integration services to update your business without losing your vital data and business information.


Among the top ERPs available in the market, Odoo services is designed to be the most user-friendly solution for its users. It doesn’t require any additional technical skills to operate Odoo working system. With its intuitive UI and easy flow navigation, you can easily adapt to the newly integrated Odoo apps.

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Various Odoo Integration Services We Offer

As an official Odoo Gold Partner in India & Ready Partner in France, we render our eminent Odoo integration services in various diversified aspects to simplify and automate the essential functionalities of a business.

Odoo eCommerce Integration

With growing advanced technologies, eCommerce is one of the important as well as substantial services for business development. ECommerce business consists of various moving parts such as order management, product management, shipping, tracking, inventory, and finally, customer management. Odoo integration solutions help a business in connecting all the moving parts of eCommerce business. Despite the eCommerce platform, we serve our customers with our efficient Odoo eCommerce Integrations.

We offer various eCommerce Integrations Services :

Magento Integration

Shopee Integration

Lazada Integration

Amazon Integration

Quickbooks Odoo integration

Tally Odoo Integration Odoo Integration

Tax Cloud Odoo Integration

Odoo Accounting Integration

Accounting is one of the important departments of a business that consists of various multi dimensional activities in it. It consists of multiple functionalities such as invoice management, payments, bank reconciliations etc.

Our Odoo  Accounting Integrations Services are as follows : 

  • Quickbooks Odoo Integration
  • Odoo Tally Integration
  • Odoo Integration
  • Bill Pay Odoo Integration
  • Tax Cloud Odoo Integration

Odoo Logistics Integration

As a complete integrated management software, Odoo perfectly adapts itself for the needs of transportation and logistics management. Consisting of various in-built advanced features and integrating with multiple third-party applications, Odoo ERP system helps in meeting the strategic needs of logistics management of a company.

Odoo Logistics Integrations we offer: 

DCL integration with Odoo

DHL integration with Odoo

FedEx integration with Odoo

UPS integration with Odoo




Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

When it comes to online business, payment gateway is an important integration to be considered. There are various payment gateways available in the market. Based on the business requirement and their targeted customers, we provide the required Odoo payment gateway integration services.

We provide the list of Odoo Payment Gateway Integrations: 

  • Stripe
  • Paypal Integration
  • Integration
  • Ingenico
  • Affirm
  • Direct Bank Integration

Odoo Utility Integration

Simplifying the complex business functionalities can be easily attained by integrating the utility functions with existing Odoo ERP system. These utility integration Odoo services not only helps in simplifying the work process but also, it helps in automating the workflow of the business.

Our Odoo Utility Integrations are: 

  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Voip Integration
  • Google Apps Integration
  • List Hub
  • Ekomi
  • Mouse Flow
  • Klaviyo
  • Cart Stack
  • USB Digital Signature

SMS Gateway

Google Apps

Mouse Flow


Cart Stack




Odoo Data Integration

Better data management system leads to better, quicker, and more accurate business decisions that directly results in increased efficiency of the organization. Better data management system is attained by means of connecting various disparate systems and their respective data together. It is processed with measures by means of our Odoo data integration process.

We Offer Odoo Data Integrations like: 

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Why Choose PPTS as your Odoo Integration Partner?

PPTS India Pvt Ltd., is an Official Odoo Gold Partner has more than 22+ years of experience in IT/ITES market and various industry verticals. Despite the type of business, we help in streamlining your business with various Odoo integration services.

  • Official Odoo Gold Partner in India and Ready Partner in France.
  • 9+ years of Odoo experience
  • 65+ successful Odoo implementations across the globe
  • Odoo ERP expertise from version 6
  • 60+ Odoo modules developed and are read to download from Odoo apps store
  • Certified developers with wide knowledge in various Odoo frameworks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Odoo Integrations

With an inbuilt XML-RPC based API, Odoo can be easily integrated with wide range of 3rd party APIs.

Yes! Our Odoo integration services include various social media platforms. We help your business integrate with the desired social media platform.

Being an official Odoo Gold Partner, we offer a wide range of Odoo integration services, namely; Odoo integration with eCommerce, API, payment gateways, social media, logistics, etc.

By means of using third party integrations, you can completely streamline your business functionalities which further leads to the concept of automation.

The following are the reasons to partner with PPTS for Odoo ERP integrations.

  • Official Odoo Gold Partner in USA, France, & India
  • 9+ years of Odoo experience
  • 65+ successful Odoo implementations across the globe

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