Managing timely deliverables and Quality outputs

Taking project decisions with precision and perfection

Project delivery is key to businesses that are aiming to make profits on a bigger scale. While companies strive towards taking their goals ahead, the key to defining a project’s outcome and its requirements are crucial within the company’s larger objectives. That is why companies take project management very seriously, especially for corporate agreements and funding purposes. This also requires adequate communication with the relevant stakeholders who are involved in the process both directly and indirectly. Project management requirements are keen on minimizing company risks and establishing process flow in a controlled fashion.

What do you need for your Project Management ?

Achieving business outcomes with better projects

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Forecast needs and Resource management

Plan ahead for upcoming projects with forecasts based on comparable projects and estimate deadlines more accurately. Schedule in advance for the holif

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Strategic Planning and Smarter Execution

It is necessary to align projects to business objectives and drive them towards organizational strategy. This is crucial if the business is looking for opportunities to grow.

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Intuitive and high level Project planning process

Businesses need to proactively plan their business agenda towards meeting the milestones and project deadlines. For this, businesses need to be more agile and efficient in arriving at such estimates.

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Quality Control

Projects require the teams to work as per time limits and to meet expected outcomes, they are expected to analyze every possibility. While execution is primary the goal of the business, it needs to be executed with perfection, and as per the client's needs. The core focus is to ensure that the deliverables are the expected outputs.

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Reduced costs

Cost estimation and budget allocation are definite to any company and this in turn will allow for them to manage their finances as per the projects. Project managers can do so by mitigating tasks and optimizing resources.

Taking projects to a point of perfection with Odoo Project Management

Our Expertise involve

Critical Thinking


Risk Management

Cost Control


Contract Management

Our process follows Industry standards

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This is where we conceptualize what the client needs and makes sure they give us the requirements needed to complete the project efficiently. Our expert team also branstorns with several ideas to come up with quality outputs and promise deliverables that should meet client expectations.

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Our teams go through the entire stage of conception and come up with definite objectives that need to be met. They then set deadlines and work on the process flow for the same. As when to make schedules for any prior plans beforehand.

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The team works efficiently towards meeting the common goal, which is client satisfaction. For this they multi-task or delegate any task that is not within their scope so that the deadlines are not crossed. The quality of work is never compromised at any cost.

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In the process of ensuring that work is running without any interference, the project manager ensures that the team is running towards the goal at the right pace and communication is stable and consistent. This is to ensure that clients are not left out between the phases of hand-over.

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The final stage of delivering the project is fully conceptualized and in hand-over state. The teams come together to discuss the needs for any iteration with the clients and make sure that all the necessary implementations are made towards delivering outputs that match client expectations and par standards.

Keep track of projects & stay ahead of competition

Why choose PPTS for Project Management Services

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Highly efficient business processes with promised productivity gains

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Promoting Flexibility and optimized solutions that enables cost efficiency upto 60%

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Data Security

Highly experienced in creating a secured system with potential cash flow

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Professional & Advanced Services

Delivering better results with perfect blend of business domain knowledge and advanced technology frameworks

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Trusted Service

Focusing on core competencies and better management of legal regulations