On-Demand FMCG
Delivery Management App

Serve your customers with better automated delivery system with our promising mobile app development service

Best Commodities Served At Your Doorstep With On-Demand Delivery App

Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG is an industry that caters to our everyday needs inclusive of an array of products – even daily supplies like milk, and dairy products. With a very swift Turnaround time, multiple processes work as a chain to help you maintain a smooth flow to ensure timely delivery of the products.

With trending & innovative FMCG delivery management apps rolling out very often, it is important to keep up with the industry and grow beyond it, which is why we have designed and developed a unique on-demand delivery app exclusively for you!!!

Customized Apps to boost your Delivery Business

Gain Loyal Customers

Make your customers valuable to gain their loyalty by increasing customer retention

Increased Order Rate

Multiply your delivery order rate at high volumes by availing various offers and promo codes

Cost Efficiency

Optimize your sales channels and reduce low contribution margins and non-essential business costs

Intuitive UI

Provide your customers with a rich browsing experience

Seamless Integrations

Streamline your online delivery business with high inventory turnover using multiple third-party integrations

We help customize your FMCG delivery management business to process your extensive distribution of food or essential commodities order within a matter of seconds.

Key Features of FMCG Delivery Management App

Mobilized Food & OtherCommodities Delivery App

Experienced in mobile app development with various frameworks and market knowledge, PPTS offers a wide range of our technologically superior services in developing customized FMCG delivery management mobile applications.


We render our services & support for FMCG delivery management startups & aggregators with custom on-demand food delivery apps.


Our Fast Moving Consumer Goods apps help in increasing your circle of influence resulting in an increase in your order sales.


Make your online presence in the commodity market using our seamless mobile & web applications to increase the ROI of your business.

We provide seamless mobile & web applications to increase the ROI of business. Interested in launching your own On-Demand Delivery App?

Real-Time Integrations

Integrating the developed food delivery mobile application with third-party applications can lead to better business control & faster sales growth.

Benefits of PPTS App Development

  • Experience the next generation app development with 30% defect free
  • Increase the speed time to market with up to 40%
  • Customized features and addons based on your business flow
  • Increase your ROI competing the market with modernized app solutions
  • Greater business alignment with better customer engagement

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