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Hosting events is key to bringing business together. In a world that runs on virtual meetings and online businesses, running events has become crucial in both an online and offline level. Our all in one event hosting service operates on both facets and values the attendee experience in the process. PPTS manages events that are of any scale and is not restricted to the planning and organizing. Events are fully taken care of from promotion to ticket sales, making it a one-stop solution for all event needs. Businesses can approach us for corporate gatherings, business events hosting, organizing the entire event and the overall coverage without stressing on the technical setup and it’s related data consolidation.

What do you need for your event?

Event Scheduler

Facilitator Management

Online Ticketing/Booking System

Web or Mobile Brochure

Event Embedded with Website

Attendee check-in tool

Attendee Engagement Solutions

Lead Retrieval Tools for Event Organizers/Exhibitors

A spectrum of events in our portfolio!

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Product launch

We focus on exclusive launches and new products that hit the market, with our fully functional event management solutions. We also help in organizing calendars that can bring the client one step closer to their customers. The event management system allows for the client to be able to view the options that encompass the program and the details about it.

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Corporate events

Seamlessly organize corporate events that take the stress out of hosting a program. The events are provided with all the necessary facilities and all the functions that go behind the scenes happen smoothly and effectively. We aspire to hold the best corporate functions that resonate with what our audience expects and would require of us.

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Inauguration ceremony

Our inaugural ceremony functions are held under the constant supervision of our planning committee and every activity of the event is well planned out beforehand. We drive ourselves towards achieving better results and in the process produce outputs that have astonished many. We hope to be able to inaugurate still better products with our highly efficient and capable team.

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We hold conferences that are organized by curating content as per the data collected. All our events are well planned and organized in the beginning to give us a roadmap on how it will be executed. Most of our clients have been able to benefit from the clarity we provide them based on our expertise in this field.

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Cultural Events

We are proud to be able to host many events that are of commercial magnitude and have garnered social recognition the way. We focus on keeping our client’s ideas in mind while deciding on what setup to follow and the order of the event. Our drive is aimed at bringing customer satisfaction in the event we host and the work we deliver.

Bringing audiences together, effortlessly!

Facilitator Management

Automate the effort to maximize the impact!

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We make sure that our client informs us of our target audience and what they expect from us with our efficient event management system. They give us the complete idea and we work around that to produce amazing results with the collected data.

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We take the budgets as per our clients requirements and try not to exceed it. Our clients are the key decision makers in the work we do and their satisfaction is our goal.

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We make sure that all our plans are running as per the tasks we set up. We run by guidelines that are pertaining to the deadlines we keep in order to maintain efficiency.

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We hold events that are both online and offsite in nature and our audience counts when it comes to attendee data. Our projects are not restricted to place and distance. We compile data using our event software to bring people together from all around.

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Our expert team focuses on bringing the best out of the event by focusing on promotions in an elaborate manner. We also fully coordinate the entire event to make sure the program runs smoothly.

Curating Content for both online and offline events!

Consider Event Management Solution For these Reasons:

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The flexible schedule manager for your unique event

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Easy Management

Manage your event schedule in one organized place

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Team Collaboration

Teams can collaborate and work together remotely and in real-time

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Interactive Experience

Engage your attendees and empower your speakers with an interactive experience and tools

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Marketing & Promotions

Market and grow your event via web and native apps, or embed it directly in your own website

Why choose PPTS for Event Management Solutions

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Highly efficient business processes with promised productivity gains

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Promoting Flexibility and optimized solutions that enables cost efficiency upto 60%

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Data Security

Highly experienced in creating a secured system with potential cash flow

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Professional & Advanced Services

Delivering better results with perfect blend of business domain knowledge and advanced technology frameworks

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Trusted Service

Focusing on core competencies and better management of legal regulations