Independence Day Celebration

Venue: PPTS Solutions, Coimbatore

Our 73rd Independence Day is almost here. The entire country is glistening with our patriotic tri-colour that adds more pride and beauty to our country and our national flag.

Every year since 1947, on the auspicious day of 15th August, Prime minister of our country, India hoists the Indian National Flag in the great Red Fort at the capital, Delhi. Accompanying it, twenty-one gun salute is performed as a salutation to our national flag and also to the grand event. Once the national flag gets hoisted, our national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ is sung which spreads the patriotism along with the air.

After initiating the event with flag hoist and national anthem, the Prime Minister enlightens us with his speech about the accomplishments of the previous year. Also, he states the improvement factors in order to improve our country in all segments. Along with the speech, he pays tribute to our great Indian pioneers indulges in the Indian Independence movement.

“Thousands Laid Down Their Lives So That Our Country Breath This Day….
Never Forget Their Sacrifice…”

Following with the Prime Ministers speech, various parades and ceremonies depicting the freedom struggle, expos gleaming our tradition and culture are performed. Similar to this, Independence and freedom are celebrated across various states and cities in India on this auspicious day of 15th August.

As the proud citizens of India, we, PPTS family organized for the celebration of 73rd Independence Day on our work floor. As a part of this celebration, four different teams were organized in order to perform skits based on current issues in accordance with the late freedom fighters who fought for our independence.  Different concepts and roles performed by our colleagues were admiring. It was the most emotional as well as the fun-filled moment of the entire day.

As a signature event of the corporate culture, Bay decoration was held. We were provided with properties used for bay decoration regarding the Independence Day concepts.

As an end credit to this auspicious evening, sweets were distributed among our colleagues as a matter of celebration.

Wishes from PPTS

PPTS family wishes every Indian across the world a HAPPY 73RD INDEPENDENCE DAY. We embrace the cultural diversity of our country.
“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.”
Let us grow together knowing the value of our independence.