PPTS Pongal celebration

Venue: PPTS Solutions, Coimbatore
Pongal Celebration Pictures

Pongal, the trademark of South India.
Pongal, the harvest festival of India is considered as one of the traditional festival of our Indian ancestry celebrated in the mid of January for three consecutive days. During these days, we thank our natural resources such as sun, plants and trees, farm lands, cows and bullocks etc. for their contribution in our daily life.
Our PPTS family celebrated this auspicious festival in our farm house. We started the day by preparing Pongal (traditional dish known for its sweetness) and later engaged ourselves with the events coordinated.
Some of the events performed were:

  • Balloon rally
  • Uriyadi
  • Tug of war
  • Roll the ball
  • Flash mob

The entire occasion was fun filled which not only enlightened us with the festive mode, rather it helped us in nourishing our bond and relationship within our PPTS family.