Womens Day Celebration at PPTS !

Venue: Coimbatore

What a great day it was at the office for women! The inspiration and motivation for women to stay driven and dedicated to their dreams will always come through great role models who stand as witnesses and as excellent leaders in their field.


One such outstanding leader is Captain Bharathi Mahapatra, the Commanding Officer in Indian Air Force who was ever so kind to grace us with her energizing presence. Not only has she made an impact in her field but imparted great knowledge and insights into how we as women can stand tall in our positions and aim so much higher.

We at PPTS greatly enjoyed her presence and our Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Rachel Premnath honored the guest speaker with a memento and kind words of wishes and gratitude for taking time to come and visit us. It was indeed an empowering day for all the women present!