Xmas and Secret Friend celebration

Venue: PPTS Solutions, Coimbatore
Christmas Celebration Events

Who will not wish to mock his/her friend with funny tasks and activities? On that scenario, our colleagues are experts in it. As it was yearend, with Christmas and New Year nearby, we planned to celebrate the festive season by the game called ‘Secret Friend’.

Secret friend is a jestful entertaining activity in which the names of all the employees in an organisation will be written in individual paper sheets and collected in a bowl. Later the employees will be asked to pick a paper sheet from the bowl and requested to maintain the written name as a secret for the entire week.

Further, the bowl will be placed in a common access point nearby the event coordinator and every individual person should assign a funny task for their respective secret friends written in a paper, maybe related to movie dialogues or a set of actions or maybe a dress code for the upcoming day.

We started it a week before Christmas and planned to reveal our secret friend during our Christmas celebration. A series of comical and hilarious tasks were performed by each one of us for the entire week.

Later that weekend, before the Christmas celebration began, we assembled at our gallery in order to reveal our secret friend. We were surprised while getting exposed ourselves to our secret friends. As a token of love and friendship, we greeted our secret friends with gifts. As said earlier, it is a simple but fun filled jestful entertainment that everyone must give a try with their friends and colleagues.

At the end of the day, we organised the events for our Christmas celebration inviting all our employees and also our staffs from our PPTS Training centre. First, we started the function by involving our employees in decorating the workspaces with respect to the work team. Later, as a part of our celebration, we conducted some fun events apart from Secret Friend such as Brick racing, Blind painting, etc. As an end credit to our amusing evening, we were accompanied by Santa with delicious sweets and chocolates.