Hong Kong Based Interconnect Product Distributor





About the Company

The client is a four-decade-old company that is a pre-eminent worldwide interconnect distributor. Also, it has the largest inventory of connector products in North America. The company was developed based on the ideals of flexible policies, deep inventory, responsive systems, and unsurpassed customer service. Today it supports original equipment and contract manufacturers in every market segment of the electronic industry.

Furthermore, the client has more than 40 locations in China, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, etc. This service network contains six distribution centers that position its inventory in a single day (within one shopping day for more than 90% of customers). Also, the company maintains three fully-equipped value-added centers in Hong Kong, New Hampshire, and Hudson.


The Problem

Even though being in business for more than four-decade, the client was not able to create a good online presence. The client wanted to rank online and gain supremacy in the interconnect distribution market in 13 international countries.

Through organic SEO strategies, the client wanted to rank its services and products for keywords that appear on the first page of search results. Now being a highly competitive market, the client tried several means to get the necessary ranking but couldn’t do so.
Also, the client wanted to improve its Google and Alexa ranking. Their Alexa ranking was very low and they wanted to position it at the highest value.

Problem Analysis

Creating Good Digital Presence
Added unique and value-added content in social media marketing campaigns.
Worked on specific 40 to 50 high keywords related to the business of the client.
Improved digital presence in a highly competitive market.
Improved Google Ranking
Added SEO-optimized content for marketing campaigns and added some to the website.
Boosted traffic by removing all the broken links.
Added relevant content in the Google Post.
Improved online reviews of the company.
Got the business listed in local directories.
Improved Alexa Ranking
Updated the website with engaging and relevant content.
Got authoritative inbound links to bring credibility to the client’s site.

Our Solution

Firstly, we did an in-depth analysis of the client’s market. We analyzed some of the major and high-priority keywords and extracted 40 to 50 of them which were of high ranking.

Through organic traffic methods, we ensured that the selected keywords were ranked at a high position for the client’s business. Since the client was not interested in opting for paid methods and inorganic marketing solutions, we started doing Facebook and Instagram updates.

We created and developed interesting content that helped to increase engagement with potential audiences. Also, we followed various marketing strategies and helped in increasing the Alexa ranking of the client. We helped the client get a good Alexa ranking that ensured it was the best among the ones in its industry.

Case study - Key points


Alexa ranking

Help the client gain market dominance in 13 different countries and improve the Alexa ranking through organic traffic methods.


search page result

130% increase in the search page result.


Updated Alexa ranking to 16,000, the best in the industry.


Ranked 5% of the high priority keywords of Google search results.

180% increase in monthly revenue.