Best Software Training Centre in Coimbatore


From the outset, we have been lending our hands to young innovators and developers by means of technology training services provided by our company.

For the past three years, we have started Software training centre in Coimbatore fully focused on training for students, graduates and employees, with a capacity of 25 members at Race Course, with the provision of On-Job training with placement in prerequisite courses. We provide 2 theory classes as well as 2 practical classes, a total of 4 hours a day in flexible hours as per the trainee’s request.

We offer software training courses in the following platforms.

  • Magento developer training

    Magento is an open source software renowned for its flexibility and overall management functionality in the E-commerce platform. As our developers are well trained in Magento development, Magento Integration and Magento migration. PPTS offer a wide range of training services in Magento Ecommerce platform in its latest version of 2.X.
  • PHP developer training

    Hypertext Pre-processor/PHP is a widely used designing script for Web development and building interactive web applications. We render our training sessions in Current stable PHP 7.3.0 in the fields of web development and applications.

  • Android developer training

    Development of applications based on new technological inventions and customizing it to our daily requirements is the major purpose of our training services in Android development program (8.0 Oreo).

  • Python developer training

    Python, a high level programming language is known for its user-friendly data structures and its portability across various operating systems. As one among the top leading Python development companies, we provide training sessions in Python 3.7.2 and its current trend in the world of programming.

  • Odoo Development

    Odoo is an OpenERP platform renowned for its compactness and an overall management suite of business applications. As one of the Odoo silver partner company in India, we provide On-Job training sessions in Odoo in its latest version Odoo 12.

Our trainees cope with our developers of PPTS solutions which helps them to perceive the current scenario and developments in various business fields. Our developers have 8 years of experience in Magento and PHP development which makes us one of the top PHP and Magento software training services in Coimbatore. We not only educate our trainees, rather we qualify them as certified developers.