Leading Manufacturing company in USA blooms in their business with Odoo


Leading Manufacturing company in USA blooms in their business with Odoo

ePower Manufacturing Ltd., is one of the top leading US-based LED manufacturing and trading companies that provides LED lighting systems and solutions based on their customer requirements. In order to deliver efficient lighting solutions, they make use of a hands-on process which is based on fact-based research. They were already using Odoo ERP in order to manage and streamline their business functionalities. But they faced complexities when it comes to customizing the Odoo functionalities based on their business requirements. Hence, they were looking for an efficient Odoo partner who can understand their business workflow and customize the implemented Odoo ERP system.

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The Problem

As a power efficiency solution provider, ePower Manufacturing company analyzes their customers power system and provides the required alterations in order to overcome power shortage and over consumption. The main problem faced by the ePower Manufacturing company is their complexity in customizing the ERP system. Initially, they were using the Quickbooks software for their accounting needs and also, they tied up with another distributing company. Hence, there was a huge amount of manual work occupied in their business even after implementing an ERP system. 

The following are the major challenges faced by ePower Manufacturing company.

  • One of the major challenges faced was the Product Return and Refund Management from the customers.
  • Difficulty in managing commissions for sales persons
  • Complex manual work during the internal transfer processes
  • Manual data entry process since they use Quickbooks accounting software
  • Difficulty in processing the product warranties
  • Additional customization requirements in Odoo inbuilt modules

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The Solution

ePower Manufacturing company partnered with PPTS India Pvt Ltd., one of the leading Odoo service provider and Odoo development company in India to meet out their Odoo Customization Service requirements. Initially, the Odoo inbuilt modules were customized according to their business workflow. 

The following are the Odoo ERP customization services provided for improving their business efficiency.

  • Website Shop Return RMS Module. Return and refund management of products from the customers are easily handles by means of using the implemented Website Shop Return RMS module.
  • Salesperson commissions are managed at ease through automated excel sheets
  • Internal transfer manual works are automated using the barcode scanner feature. Hence, it increases the overall time efficiency.
  • Additional Odoo customization services provided in the Odoo inbuilt modules such as purchase, sales, and inventory modules based on their business requirements.
  • Odoo Quickbooks Integration - Quickbooks desktops integration with Odoo is successfully implemented.
  • Warranty checking module By implementing this module, all the product warranty processes are easily managed.
  • EcoInsight functionalities used by ePower Manufacturing company was replicated in the Odoo ERP system.
  • An integration was processed between Wasmerco (a distributor company) and the implemented Odoo system of ePower Manufacturing through which the product creation takes place commonly in both the platforms.

The Result

Experiencing the eminent partnership with PPTS India Pvt Ltd., for their Odoo ERP customization requirements, ePower Manufacturing streamlined their business system more efficiently. 

The successful Odoo ERP customizations resulted in,

  • Perfect customization of the Odoo modules based on their business functionalities.
  • Implementation of Integrated systems resulted in increased productivity and time efficiency.
  • Provided Odoo customization services ensured better customer relationship and loyalty.

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Client Speaks

Mr.Mike Reed says
The Supply Chain (SCM) Strategy & Operations Leader of Theradome
We at Theradome, originally purchased Odoo via Odoo North America, and implemented the solution. We were looking to monitor all our processes in a single platform which wasn’t possible using inbuilt Odoo service.

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