Mukita Group for Odoo ERP Implementation

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    Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization

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    Odoo V14 Enterprise Edition

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    Jan 2021 - Present

Mukita FZCO is a company specializing for more than 25 years in the sales and distribution of a wide spectrum of brand categories, from luxury to high-street brands.  Based in Dubai, the Group distributes a variety of products including apparel, footwear, jewellery, bags and various other categories.

One of the most reputed organizations with direct and exclusive distribution rights to a wide range of international brands. The Group manages the distribution of the regular collection as well as the close-out inventories of the brands in their portfolio.

The Mukita Team spans a wide variety of generations, cultures & backgrounds.

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The Problem

Being in the retail industry, Sydney Wide Discounts has always seen the issue of stock-keeping and management as a great threat to its success. While its competitors have fairly switched to services that will simplify their work, Sydney Wide Discounts has been on the fence for years! It has also been battling the problem of bringing its services to the spotlight and being seen amidst the competition! 

Here are some of the problems faced by Sydney Wide Discounts while showcasing their products on the website:

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The Solution

Sydney Wide Discounts partnered with PPTS to better develop their advanced web solutions and to enhance their website usability. Their website’s basic structure has been revamped and rendered proceeding to the development of its advanced and enhanced features. The following are all its advanced features:

The Result

Experiencing a stark change and upgrade in its website features, Sydney Wide Discounts was able to note a drastic increase in website traffic and find potential customers who were interested to proceed to make a purchase. The successful implementation of advanced web technology ultimately resulted in:

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Client Speaks

Mr.Mike Reed says
The Supply Chain (SCM) Strategy & Operations Leader of Theradome
We at Theradome, originally purchased Odoo via Odoo North America, and implemented the solution. We were looking to monitor all our processes in a single platform which wasn’t possible using inbuilt Odoo service.

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