Engineering Efficiency with Technological Transparency


Engineering Efficiency with Technological Transparency

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    In Engineering

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    Odoo Support

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    Odoo V 13

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    Sep 2020 - Present

InEngineering provides solutions that are intelligent, design is intuitive and results are inspired. By utilizing the latest software, our engineers will model your project in 3D CAD to ensure that your project is intelligent, intuitive and inspired from design to construction.The company traces its roots back to 1881 with the founding of the office by Willis Chipman, one of the first consulting engineers in Upper Canada. 

PPTS has been working with InEngineering to implement Odoo Services in order to enhance its service offerings. The efficiency of the team makes it possible to provide timely service with utmost professionalism. PPTS has been active in bringing positive results towards the growth of the company and to see it expand to higher horizons.

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The Problem

Providing a promising sustainability and creating a clean work environment, GSJ renders once off as well as a specialized ongoing cleaning service based on their business requirements. Also, as said earlier, schedulement is one of the essential functionality when it comes to customer management. Thus, they had multiple business management complexities since they didn’t have a proper ERP system and application to manage their business functionalities.

The following are the major business challenges faced by Green Source Janitorial.

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The Solution

In order to overcome their challenges, GSJ partnered with PPTS India Pvt Ltd.. in developing their required applications to meet their business requirements. Initially, their entire business flow was analyzed and Odoo ERP implementation process was implemented in their work system. Further, their desired mobile application was developed with the required customized functionalities. 

The following are the developed solutions rendered for effective business and customer management.

The Result

On experiencing the customized Odoo & advanced technological solutions rendered by PPTS India Pvt Ltd., Green Source Janitorial easily managed their business schedulements providing an efficient service to their customers.

The successful Odoo implementation and mobile application development resulted in,

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Client Speaks

Mr.Mike Reed says
The Supply Chain (SCM) Strategy & Operations Leader of Theradome
We at Theradome, originally purchased Odoo via Odoo North America, and implemented the solution. We were looking to monitor all our processes in a single platform which wasn’t possible using inbuilt Odoo service.

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