Ewaste Management company streamlines its business functionalities using our Odoo ERP services

Ewaste Management company streamlines its business functionalities using our Odoo ERP services

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Morphosis, an E-waste Management Company based in France, is focused on accommodating, processing, and recycling e-wastes through which they extract and refine precious metals from electrical and electronic equipment. They were previously using multiple legacy systems to manage their business operations which could not provide the proper MIS visibility to the Management. In order to manage their business functionalities and the accommodated wastes more efficiently, they finally found Odoo as a right fit ERP to overcome all these challenges. 

Hence, they searched for an Odoo partner in India and France who can understand their system requirements in align to their business processes and provide an accurate solution efficiently through implementation service. Thus, they finally reached PPTS, an official Odoo gold partner as their implementation partner.

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The Problem

Being a leading eWaste management company, Morphosis had an existing ERP system that couldn’t manage their process efficiently. The complete eWaste management process was categorized with five different processes.

Dismantle, Reuse, Recycle, Repackage, Transformation

Without the help of a proper and eminent ERP system, Morphosis weren’t able to manage these various categories. Also, they couldn’t manage their resources and streamline their work process efficiently.

The following are some of the major challenges faced by Morphosis in managing their eWaste recycling business.

  • No centralized system to maintain the entire processes
  • Order entry was manual, time-consuming and complex
  • Project Entry (Purchase) & Exit (sales) was complex
  • No proper track on the inventory - Stock control & Stock Visibility
  • Existing system didn't have the Flexibility
  • No traceability & more manual efforts on records and stocks
  • Data Duplication / Loss threats
  • Below par MIS reporting
  • Less clarity, transparency and accuracy of data

In order to overcome these problems and to streamline their business functionalities more efficiently, Morphosis decided to Implement Odoo ERP in their working system.

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The Solution

Morphosis opted with PPTS India Pvt. Ltd. as their Odoo Implementation Partner in India for their  business requirements. 

First and foremost solution was the implementation of Odoo ERP in their working system. 

Secondly, the implemented Odoo ERP system was customized based on the business functionalities and the categorized eWaste management processes.

Third comes the integration process to streamline and automate the existing processes.

The following are the solutions rendered for effective business management.

  • Automated Data Management
  • Fraction management
  • Work plan management
  • Project management
  • Logistics (fleet) management

The following are the Odoo Modules developed in order to meet the desired output.

  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Project Entrée – Customized
  • Project Sortie– Customized
  • Logistics Management– Customized
  • Warehouse & Quality Management
  • Subcontracting Management
  • Production Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Human Resource Management

The following are the customization and integration solutions rendered in the implemented Odoo ERP system.

  • Warehouse Module for Product Fractions & Container Management
  • Automatic workflow generation based on the type of e-waste
  • Barcode Integration with Odoo for easy product traceability
  • Complete Procurement Management of all Warehouses including inter-warehouse transfers
  • Google Calendar Integration with Odoo to manage and track production planning & shipment operations
  • Integration of all Financial Transactions from the Purchase, Sales Orders & more
  • Proper MIS reporting in each process, departments as well as in company level
  • Integration with LMS (London Metal Exchange) and Odoo to track the precious metal costs

The Result

Experiencing the successful implementation of Odoo ERP in their work space, Morphosis were able to easily streamline and manage their business functionalities and resources more efficiently. Most of their time consuming and manual processes were automated with regards to their functionalities.

  • Efficient Centralized Database
  • Low Investment on Software application
  • Electronic Bookkeeping & hold on every business metrics
  • Eliminate manual hours spent in maintaining records
  • Better utilization of resources with instant reports
  • Ability to integrate the Odoo ERP with almost all systems
  • Cost savings through significant reduction of investments
  • Best structured way of running MIS reports

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Client Speaks

Mr. Simon Powell
Head of Support Services, Morphosis
We partnered with PPTS for meeting our business requirements through Odoo implementation services, Our sincere thanks to PPTS and their efficient team who supported us in on-site service with business process modelling, needs understanding, and further with the data migration process. We are very satisfied with their quality of work and creativity in rendering innovative solutions.

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