A Tale of Success for the Indian based Agro Industry by implementing Odoo & FMCG App


A Tale of Success for the Indian based Agro Industry by implementing Odoo & FMCG App

  • Client Name

    VilFresh Laymen Agro

  • Country

  • Industry

  • Project

    Web & Mobile App Development & Odoo ERP Implementation

  • Current Odoo Version

    Odoo V13

  • Tenure

    Dec 2018 - present

VilFresh Laymen Agro is an Indian based company that focuses on delivering the dairy and farm products directly to the urban consumers by empowering rural youth emphasising an agro aggregator model. Thus, they render a profiting business deserving return to the farmers as well as benefiting their daily consumers. Initially, VilFresh Laymen Agro was constrained in providing their services within a particular locality. In order to enhance their business and to offer fresh dairy and farm products to their consumers in a vast circle, they decided to develop a FMCG application through which they can interact with their consumers for better understanding their needs and to widen their business scope.

Hence, they were looking for efficient technology service providers who can understand their unique business flow and guide them in widening their business scope with advanced technological solutions. Thus, they reached PPTS India Pvt Ltd., for their technological requirements.

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The Problem

Initiated with delivering the home made products mainly milk and fresh vegetables fresh out of the farm, VilFresh Laymen Agro decided to elevate their realtime market business to online sales to achieve better growth. In order to widen their business and services to a vast community by making an effective online presence, VilFresh Laymen Agro needed an unique FMCG application which comprises various advanced features to meet their daily online business sales.

The following were some of the major business challenges faced by VilFresh Laymen Agro in widening their business growth.

  • An individual mobile application was substantial for their delivery business.
  • Two different categories of application features were required in order to meet the performances of Customers and Delivery soldiers.
  • Unavailability of an efficient accounting system in order to manage their sales and purchases.
  • Complexity in streamlining their orders and hence a prominent order management system was required.
  • Challenges in managing their customer and subscription details
  • An efficient online support system was substantially required for better customer management
  • Complexity in managing the workers and delivery soldiers data and attendances.
  • Complexity in managing their administration process due to the unavailability of a management software.

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The Solution

VilFresh partnered with PPTS India Pvt Ltd., for their advanced technological solutions in order to make a strong online presence widening their business scope and in streamlining their administration processes.

Initially, the required mobile application service was rendered in order to develop their desired mobile applications in both Android and iOS platforms. Later, Odoo ERP was implemented in their work system through which the backend management and administration processes are streamlined efficiently.

The following are the solutions rendered by PPTS for widening their business scope.

Mobile Application Development Services

  • Development of individual Customer and Delivery mobile applications in both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Advanced features in the Customer and Delivery apps such as online purchase, order placement, subscription, etc., are developed.
  • Google maps integration with the developed applications for better service provision to customers.
  • Provision of online wallet services in which the user can transfer amounts from their bank to the online wallet and ease their checkout within a matter of seconds.
  • Online wallet is optimized for better usage of customers for subscriptions and online purchases.
  • Also, the customer can provide the required amount of money to the delivery soldiers in order to add it to their online wallet.
  • In order to streamline and automate their administration process, an unique website was developed by means of Angular MEAN stack technology.
  • Using these web development services, the administrator can easily manage all their customer data and sales & product data.
  • Customer Subscriptions and their vital data are processed through the developed administration website portals.
  • Leave management of delivery soldiers are managed through the web portal.
  • Subscription of customers and promotions follow ups are processed time efficiently.
  • An efficient Customer care and support system was established.
  • Customer referrals, offers, and discounts are managed efficiently by the administrator using the developed web portal system

The Result

On experiencing the efficient technological solutions and Odoo ERP services from PPTS India Pvt Ltd., VilFresh Laymen Agro had made a profound online presence experiencing their desired business solutions.

The successful technological and Odoo ERP services resulted in;

  • Highly widened business scope by embracing a huge customer basis.
  • Advanced FMCG mobile applications developed in both Android and iOS platforms
  • Efficient website development service resulted in effective admin management and support
  • Customized Odoo solutions resulted in better backend business management

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Client Speaks

Mr.Mike Reed says
The Supply Chain (SCM) Strategy & Operations Leader of Theradome
We at Theradome, originally purchased Odoo via Odoo North America, and implemented the solution. We were looking to monitor all our processes in a single platform which wasn’t possible using inbuilt Odoo service.

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