The success story of an Indian-based wheat milling company with Odoo Implementation


The success story of an Indian-based wheat milling company with Odoo Implementation 

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    Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization

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    Odoo V12 Enterprise Edition

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    2019- present

Sahuwala Group is an Indian-based wheat milling company initiated in the year 1950 who have planned and executed their meill designs efficiently at every unit in order to maintain the highest quality standard in wheat milling. With their consistent growth and alignment with latest trends and innovations in milling technology, Sahuwala Group have their branches in various major cities across the southern region of India. 

Initially, Sahuwala Group weren’t having an efficient system in order to manage their business processes. Also, in order to manage their multiple branches across the south region of India, Sahuwala Group was searching for a prominent managing system through which they can efficiently can their multiple location based company within a single location. Finally, they decided to opt with Odoo ERP to meet all their management requirements. 

Hence, they were in search of an Odoo Partner in India who can analyze and understand their business needs and provide an accurate management solution through the Odoo ERP implementation services. Thus, they finally reached PPTS India Pvt Ltd., for their Odoo ERP implementation and customization requirements.

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The Problem

Being one of the leading wheat milling companies in India, Sahuwala Group has an annual wheat milling capacity of 600,000 tons. In order to manage these large productions and multiple branches, they required an efficient management tool.

The following are some of the major business challenges faced by Sahuwala Group in managing their business growth.

  • No centralized system to manage their business processes
  • Challenges in preparing their work plans on weekly and monthly basis
  • Complications in managing their profits and expenses.
  • Difficulty in visualizing their data for better business decisions.
  • Customization of invoices based on the required format
  • Inconvenience in managing their customer relations such as customer follow ups, promotions, etc.
  • Integrating their existing Tally accounting system with Odoo ERP
  • Inefficient management of customer master data
  • Difficulty in tracking and predicting their business flows

In order to overcome the above-mentioned business challenges, Sahuwala Group decided to partner with an efficient Odoo partner for better Odoo implementation and customization services.

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The Solution

Sahuwala Group partnered with PPTS India Pvt Ltd., for their required Odoo implementation and customization processes.

Initially, Odoo V12 Enterprise edition was implemented in their work system. Further, based on their unique business requirements, the inbuilt features of Odoo were customized.

The following are the major solutions rendered by PPTS India Pvt Ltd., in order to overcome their business challenges.

  • Efficient Centralized Data management system is established
  • Implemented Odoo ERP is integrated with already existing Tally for efficient accounting purposes.
  • The Odoo Tally integration is integrated with a bidirectional data transfer system. Thus, the accounting data is synchronized in both Odoo and Tally systems.
  • A customized user-friendly dashboard is developed in which the business data are displayed
  • Better business insights which leads to weekly and monthly work plans.
  • Establishment of map view for better customer data management.
  • Data filter is customized in the map view through which the customer purchase and needs are processed in Odoo
  • Specialized customization is processed for customer payment reminder through email and SMS integrations.
  • Customized invoice forms are developed based on business needs
  • Customization of unit conversions on package wise based on their respective pricings
  • Customizations for customers loyalty by rewarding the early payment customers with special discounts.

The Result

Experiencing the successful Odoo implementation and customization solutions, Sahuwala Group overcame all their managing hindrances by establishing the customized solutions of Odoo which acts as an all-in-one business management suite.The provided customized Odoo solutions by PPTS india Pvt Ltd., as an official Odoo Gold Partner resulted in,

  • Efficient Centralized Data Management System
  • Deep Business Insights for Better Business Decisions
  • Eminent Customer Relationship Management System
  • Advanced Accounting System with Integrated Solutions of Odoo and Tally

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Client Speaks

Mr.Mike Reed says
The Supply Chain (SCM) Strategy & Operations Leader of Theradome
We at Theradome, originally purchased Odoo via Odoo North America, and implemented the solution. We were looking to monitor all our processes in a single platform which wasn’t possible using inbuilt Odoo service.

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