UAE based Manufacturing Company thrives in business with Odoo


UAE based Manufacturing Company thrives in business with Odoo 

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    Odoo ERP Customization, Odoo Support

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    Odoo V11 Enterprise Edition

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    March 2019- present

SAMAWA is an UAE based company that focuses on manufacturing, distribution, marketing and brand development of perfumes. Also, they are renowned for manufacturing and distributing products such as cosmetics, skin care, hair care, SPA brands and other FMCG products consisting of exclusive distributor licenses for most of the products.

In order to fulfill and extend their successful business ideologies, SAMAWA opted with Odoo ERP solutions. Their entire business processes were managed using the implemented Odoo solutions. But still, they were in requirement of Odoo customization services in order to meet their unique business work system. Hence, they were in search of an efficient Odoo partner who can understand their unique business process and provide accurate solutions to elevate the business standard.

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The Problem

As one of the leading perfume manufacturing and distributing companies, SAMAWA made use of inbuilt Odoo features and solutions to meet their business needs. Without a proper customized solution, SAMAWA wasn’t able to simplify their complex work systems. 

Further, they need to integrate their implemented Odoo system with the Noon eCommerce store in order to track their online business movements.

The following are some of the major challenges faced by SAMAWA in managing their perfume manufacturing business.

  • Sales entries from Noon eCommerce store are manually processed which results in time inefficiency
  • Complexity in calculating their profit and loss accounts.
  • Difficulty in payment options and in managing the payable amounts.
  • Inconvenience in calculating the expenses with regards to the dashboard customization
  • Challenges in managing the transactions
  • Complexity in tax and invoice management with regards to the customers
  • Difficulty in grouping the created ledgers and reports.
  • Customization of invoices based on the required format
  • Complexity in managing the expenses and receipts against the vouchers
  • Difficulty in managing accounts for different sales genres.
  • Challenges in managing the cash expenses with regards to the purchase receipts

Thus, in order to overcome these business complexities and automate their work system functionalities more efficiently, SAMAWA decided to partner with an efficient Odoo partner in order to customize their implemented Odoo solutions. 

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The Solution

SAMAWA partnered with PPTS India Pvt Ltd., for their required Odoo customization processes. Initially, the implemented Odoo system along with their business requirements are analysed with regards to their work system. 

The following are the customized solutions rendered for effective business management.

  • Since Noon eCommerce store does not support API integrations, an independent modular solution is provided through which the reports and entries from Noon are imported to the Odoo system through CSV formats. The entire manual process is deduced upto 98%, thus increasing the overall time efficiency.
  • Accurate mapping of purchase entries which results in accurate profit and loss calculation
  • Customized JE forms are provided through which the payable amounts and payment processes are managed efficiently.
  • Precise expense calculation and visualization with customized dashboard.
  • Efficient Transaction management system is established
  • Efficient tax and invoice system synchronized to the respective customer accounts
  • An advanced customized feature to group ledgers and gain respective reports instantly.
  • A whole new invoice format is customized and generated
  • Effective expenses and receipt management solution rendered against the vouchers by adding partners against it.
  • Work around solutions provided for managing accounts across various genres
  • Efficient management of cash expenses with regards to purchase receipts using the JE concepts.

The Result

By experiencing the successful Odoo customization and development solutions, SAMAWA easily overcame their hindrances in managing their unique business requirements more efficiently. The provided customized Odoo solutions by PPTS india Pvt Ltd., as an official Odoo Gold Partner resulted in,

  • 98% of the manual entries are automated by importing a single CSV file containing the sales, inventory, orders, and other data
  • Establishment of efficient accounting system
  • Efficient management of payments and transactions
  • Effective expense management system

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Client Speaks

Mr.Mike Reed says
The Supply Chain (SCM) Strategy & Operations Leader of Theradome
We at Theradome, originally purchased Odoo via Odoo North America, and implemented the solution. We were looking to monitor all our processes in a single platform which wasn’t possible using inbuilt Odoo service.

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