Leading manufacturer and Exporter of Tea Processing Machinery Standardize their business using Odoo ERP


Leading manufacturer and Exporter of Tea Processing Machinery Standardize their business using Odoo ERP

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    National Fittings Limited

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    Odoo Implementation

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    Nov 2017 - Present

Established in 1949, T & I GLOBAL LIMITED (TIGL) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Tea Processing Machinery with the expertise to supply customised processing equipment for CTC, Orthodox & Green Tea. Over the years, the company has launched many innovative products and value additions for the tea industry, as well as Customized Drying Solutions for the food and chemical industries serving across worldwide. 

Being a leading manufacturer and exporter of Tea Processing Machinery, T & I GLOBAL LIMITED (TIGL) decided to consolidate the infrastructure and standardize the system components – by implementing a reliable, robust company-wide Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP).

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The Problem

With their Tea Processing Machinery service being rendered across worldwide, T & I GLOBAL LIMITED (TIGL) faced multiple challenges when it came to streamlining their business functionalities without an efficient ERP for discrete manufacturing, in order to meet their outgrowing business requirements. 

The following are the major problems faced by the tea processing machinery company.

  • No proper track on the inventory - Stock control & Stock Visibility
  • Unstructured Master data - BOM and Routings
  • No proper planning in production
  • Poor Workstation management
  • Less clarity, transparency and accuracy of data
  • No centralized system to manage their sales team
  • Order Entry was Manual, Time-consuming and Complex
  • No Centralized System to maintain the Entire Processes
  • Below par MIS Reporting

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The Solution

T & I GLOBAL LIMITED (TIGL) partnered with PPTS India Pvt. Ltd. for their Odoo ERP implementation services in order to meet their business requirements. 

During the initial stage, Odoo ERP for Manufacturing industry was implemented in their work system in order to effectively manage their diverse business operations such as Enquiry management, Accounting management, Order Entry and Scheduled work orders, Managing of products through inventory management ERP, BOM & Routing with versions, Warehouse, Quality & Sub-contracting Management.

As an Odoo partner in India, the following are the customized solutions rendered by means of Odoo ERP for the Manufacturing industry.

  • Automatic Scheduling of Work Orders for better Production-planning
  • Customized workstation dashboard to plan their production efficiently
  • Traceability of Product Stock with Odoo Integrated Warehouse
  • Barcode Integration with Odoo for easy product traceability
  • Types of quotation to handle Domestic & Export Sales Management
  • Subcontracting process management functionality incorporated in manufacturing process to handle material movements and job works efficiency
  • Manage and update the quality parameter for each material based on transactions like Inward Quality, WIP Quality and FG Inspection through the implemented Odoo ERP for assembly manufacturing system
  • Provide multiple types of invoices with required details
  • Provide integrated macro sheet to ease of creating, updatingand import the Master data of BOM with Routings
  • Integrated ERP for inventory management and Accounting Management System to Track the Real-time Inventory Cost
  • Integrated Accounting for Better Tracking of Processes like Order to Cash Management, Manufacturing and Procure to Pay Process
  • Biometric device integration with Odoo to track their employees attendance for better HR management
  • Proper MIS Reporting in each process and departments and better customer relationship management

Also, by means of this Odoo ERP implementation services, the following Odoo ERP Modules are implemented.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales Management for Quote & Order Handling
  • Purchase Management
  • Warehouse & Quality Management
  • Production & Subcontracting Management
  • Installation & After Sales Service
  • Accounting Management
  • HR Management

The Result

As a result of our successful Odoo ERP implementation and customization services, T & I GLOBAL LIMITED (TIGL) streamlined their work system and automated their important business functionalities more efficiently.

The following are the after effects of successful Odoo ERP implementation.

  • Better control on their production planning
  • Efficient Centralized Database
  • Electronic Bookkeeping & hold on every business metrics
  • Better utilization of resources with instant reports
  • Tracking of material with proper inspection records
  • Better MIS results that helped them to plan operational forecast
  • Cost savings through significant reduction of investments

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Client Speaks

Mr.Mike Reed says
The Supply Chain (SCM) Strategy & Operations Leader of Theradome
We at Theradome, originally purchased Odoo via Odoo North America, and implemented the solution. We were looking to monitor all our processes in a single platform which wasn’t possible using inbuilt Odoo service.

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