Top 10 Questions to ask before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency


Companies go through great lengths to make sure their business is functioning as per their set budgets. They go above and beyond just to make sure they can sustain the business expenses and meet costs that come along the way. Marketing is one such key aspect that will drive the company to make the most. But not always can businesses be able to take effort by themselves. That is where a digital marketing agency comes into the picture. 

But what exactly do companies search for in a digital marketing agency?

However, to ponder that analysis, we need to fully understand why businesses are even investing in digital marketing services in the first place. 

Businesses these days have taken a massive shift into the digital space. For that they need to adapt to all the changes that a social setting needs. This calls for having a website that is SEO friendly, properly ranked on the SERP, and being mobile responsive. 

All this and more.

As per the stats,

98% business have taken to online marketing and have seen the best possible results

This just means that the remaining 2% are either too brick-and-mortar or just not ready to face the global shift yet. 


As a race against the clock, businesses are bringing heads together to scramble over key ideas on how their digital dominance can help conquer the competition. They seek the help of digital marketing agencies who can help find solutions to these key questions:

  • How can they improve your search engine rankings? 

Having the agency talk about their process. It is vital to keep a close eye on agencies that use various kinds of black hat techniques (such as buying low-quality links). These do so and often promise to get your page to rank number one for certain keywords but fail to do so. 

  • How long until you get to see the results?

Most agencies will not be able to get to an exact date to produce results, however, with effective SEO campaigns, they should be able to reach their targets soon which will positively impact your site in about three to six months.

  • What will help make the campaign more successful?

As a growing business, you will need to mandatorily provide all the key information to the agency for it to run it’s SEO campaigns a bit more successfully.

  • What are some of the types of content should you produce? 

You will need to find out if the agency has prior experience producing not just any website copy and also has experience working with blog posts as well as infographics, short animations, email campaigns, video scripts, and more.

  • What are all the main social channels that your company should be on? 

In most likely chances, you don’t need to span your presence across all social media networks. Agencies should be able to come up with recommendations on the channels that are most relevant to you based on your set target audience and your business goals.

  • What is the process for community management across various platforms? 

An effective social media team should at best fully prepare your company to respond to comments that come in and help facilitate conversations across all your social channels. They should also look for ways to connect your business with customers across those channels.

  • What metrics will you report on?

 The primary task for any agency is to go beyond just the vanity metrics like traffic, social shares and no. of comments. They should be able to measure just how effective their content is in terms of conversions.

  • Will your website be able to scale as my business grows? 

Your marketing agency should design your website in such a way that more products, services, and other features can be incorporated as needed without the requirement of a complete site redesign.

  • What role will SEO play on the site design? 

You will need to find out if your web design agency can produce keyword-optimized content, successfully implement a crawlable link structure, and make use of various other strategies to make your site SEO-friendly.

  • How will they help in standing out from the competition? 

Your agency needs to completely understand your entire business to narrow down on a target audience and deliver just what the audience needs that your competitors cannot or fail to do so. They also need to study and assess the competitors in your field to come to that conclusion.

Apart from all these standalone questions, agencies will also have to have an effective communication system in place. They will need to produce reports every month to showcase the growth they project month on month and help the business fully understand their efforts. Their inputs can’t be interpreted overnight. So making each activity is tracked and analysed in the key to ensuring that both the business and the agency are on the same page. 

Are you looking for the Best Digital Marketing Company to handle all your Marketing Activities ?

What is digital marketing?

It is the process of using the digital space to market your business using techniques like SEO, PPC and other techniques to promote SERP rankings.

What questions should I ask an advertising agency?

You need to find out if the agency understands your business and how it can help elevate it. Then it also needs to be familiar with the competition.

How do I choose the best digital marketing agency?

You need to research what the agency has to offer and see if it matches with what your business requires. This will ensure that both of you are on the same page with inputs and the outputs expected. 
You will also need to assess if that agency has reputed clients who have seen significant growth from them.

What services the digital marketing agency will offer?

Most agencies offer services like:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Email Marketing
Content Optimization
Quality Link Building

How do the marketing agency charge?

Most agencies charge based on the services they provide and on a monthly basis which will include the performance reports. They will also offer packages that come with free consultation service for the business to understand where it stands and what is the scope of improvement.