How to Integrate Facebook with Odoo ERP?


The evolution of the existing social media in the last 15 years has changed from a mere chatting platform, the social media chat boxes have slowly but eventually grown into a very powerful tool that can be easily accessed and used in order to influence people including the society as well. 

In the overall business world, there are almost enormous possibilities of potential and growth in the realms of social media which is highly visible in the field of customer relationship management, the areas of marketing, sales, as well as the helpdesk and live support. 

Integrating social media platforms and the source of ERP software are becoming ever so increasingly popular as it can fully provide a far more comprehensive CRM as well as all the sales benefits. Being the most popular open-source ERP software, the popular platform Odoo is well equipped with this useful option. 

So how do integrate Facebook with Odoo?

Odoo already has been well integrated with the internal chatting system in order to interact with the existing customers. But in order to get to the live chatting facility, the existing user must fully log in to the system, and we may also know that it is not always helpful.

So here are the benefits of the Facebook chat integration with Odoo ERP:

Integrating Facebook messenger with Odoo ERP provides us with endless opportunities to properly handle facebook activities from Odoo as well as for we can use it for our own business activities. 

These are the primary benefits:

 -> An effective and public relation platform.

 -> A Good and common marketplace.

 -> Client requirements from FB which will get delivered directly to Odoo backend.

 -> Facebook user’s have derived data that can be stored in Odoo.

 -> Public can also chat with Odoo users which will then be directly used by messenger chat 

 -> Automatic BOT chat box can be fully implemented for managing traffic & all the Instant reply.

 -> Avoid all the repeated typing which can be used by the message facility of the respective BOT messenger

 -> Establish a strong social relationship with clients.

But what happens in general when Facebook chat integration with Odoo ERP occurs with the system?

  1. All the customer data will be eventually created with all the following fields:

    – first_name: First name

    – last_name: Last name

    – messenger_id: the unique ID of messengers

    – profile_pic: Profile picture

    – locale: Locale of the existing user on Facebook

    – timezone: Timezone, number relative to GMT

    – gender: Gender

  1. A channel that will be created with the administrator & sender
  2. A new chatbox that will be created beside all the default Odoo IM chat.

    – Recent chats will be fully displayed there.

    – Admin can fully draft a new message to any existing partner who has a full messenger id in the partner form.

Social media marketing and all the digital marketing efforts are becoming ever so increasingly popular, it has also become the major platform for all the lead generation in many companies. 

Facebook which is definitely a useful tool is primarily used to accomplish the various growth targets. Hope your business is also ready to reap the benefits. 

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