Introduction to Software Testing and Analysis


Software development testing is a process of evaluating the developed product or software in order to verify its progress to its actual result and whether the software system is bug free. It can be processed either manually or by means of automated tools.

PPTS solution is one of the top software testing providers in India. In Odoo software development, our functional consultants test the functionalities and flows in the software progress. And also we have individual Odoo testers who endorse the software quality assurance by testing the progressiveness and bug free advancement.

Based on the project and its requirements we follow different types of testing methodologies. For example, if it is an end to end project with specified requirements and of no future changes, we follow Waterfall methodology since it is a structured developmental process which carries predefined set of phases. It works in a single flow of direction and hence it is also known as Linear Sequential Life cycle model.

On the other side, Agile method of software testing is a substantial process for continuous integration between development and testing. Since it is not a sequential process and known for its flexibility, it can be customized according the developers and testers convenience. Most commonly we work as a single team in order to meet the required quality by means of Agile methodology based on the circumstances including time and other parameters requested by our customers. Further, Extensive Regression Testing process will be undergone in order to verify that the bugs are fixed and tested. Mass communication between our team members is the keystone for our success as one of the top software testing provider in Agile method of software testing.

As our company is based on customer satisfaction, our testers come up with real time solutions based on our client’s requirements. We also undergo documentation process in which the entire development and testing phases of the products are replicated for future use in case if the customer requires the changes to be revamped, thus providing an end to end service.