Odoo 11 Features and Specifications


Odoo/OpenERP is undoubtedly declared as the current generation’s best ERP service provider due to its customer-friendliness, user interface, customization, etc. In a world which never stops growing and adapting to new factors, Odoo has released its latest version: Odoo 11, a couple of months back.

Since its release, Odoo 11 has garnered immense popularity and received impressive reception among its users for its enhanced features and specifications. Listed below are few of the many features available in Odoo 11 ERP. 

Features in Odoo 11

  • Kanban view in odoo 11

Before the release of Odoo 11, the Kanban view, although it was effective and well-received by the users, it was bit clumsy because of the long lists which may look good for presenting, but looked rather difficult while searching a specific information. With Odoo 11, the Kanban view has been optimized, the list of records are well designed for user satisfaction & usability, and also available with a progress bar.

  • Responsive in all devices

Odoo 11 with its enhanced features not only brings new features with this new version, but also makes the software responsive over all devices like: Android, IOS, and Windows.

  • Speed faster by 300%

This version of Odoo version is thrice faster than its previous versions thus making the user experience untroubled and increase in usability and response.

  • Reminders

In Odoo 11, customized reminders can be set for scheduled activities. That is, a visitor or a customer can book a meeting and this feature allows them to set reminders through SMS or mail.

  • Marketing automation odoo 11

This particular feature of Odoo 11 can’t be just said as a marketing automation tool. More than that it can be termed as business automation, because this is designed specifically for lead management and lead nurturing. With enhanced specifications like Lead generation system, lead assignation and lead scoring this version is undoubtedly the best for lead nurturing.

  • Odoo 11 community vs enterprise

Similar to the other versions of the Odoo ERP, this Odoo 11 version too has community & enterprise version. Some specifications are available in either of the versions. For example: In the Manufacturing module, the enterprise version offers MRP, Work center control panel and scheduling, PLM, Maintenance, Quality, Shipping: UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS; but the community version offers only MRP. When it comes to the Human Resource module, the community version offers specifications like employee directory, expenses & leaves maintenance, and recruitment. The enterprise version offers all the before mentioned specifications along with appraisal maintenance and departments dashboard.

  • New features for website

Compared to the previous versions of the Odoo ERP, Odoo 11 brings in new features to the games and also updates and enhances the existing ones. For example: When creating a new page in Odoo 10, in the URL, the deep link “/page/” appears, but in the new version it has been removed by default. The other features includes, new themes, Whishlist, Product Comparator, Product Availability, Coupons and Promotions are available.

Compared to Odoo 10, website and website admin menu are merged as single menu and named as Website Menu.  Odoo 11 is supported in python 3 and higher versions.