ERP for Paper Manufacturing Industry


Operational excellence in the Paper Industry is no more a weary load. In fact, smart manufacturing solutions have been assured by enterprise resource planning software for Paper Manufacturing Industry to help them rub out any possible apprehensions on the effective and enhanced integration of various departments and warehouses.

But what exactly are the benefits of having a successful ERP management system, and what results can it show towards the growth of the company?

Benefits Of ERP for Paper Manufacturing Industry

Inventory management

Wood for pulp making, pulp and manufactured paper products need to have separate storage facilities in the paper industry. An effective ERP application helps synchronize the inventory with the manufacturing and sales side of the business with just one click. The purchase process is done mainly to avoid shortage of materials which can also be activated with the particular integrated system.

The stock on hand data primarily supports planning the production pattern and can properly arrange work hours according to the method.

Scrap and waste management

The less the scrap, all the easier the management. Scrap generation can be ideally reduced by making sure to avoid the wastage of any products by e-coordinating all the relevant activities. However, it is not humanly possible for an industry to fully eliminate waste generation at all. Proper management of the overall inventory also aids at avoiding any possible wastage of components and the many paper bundles. The quantity of scrap also becomes very minimal and in most cases, almost nil, with the conversion of scrap to by-products. This can also be planned with an effective ERP for the Paper Manufacturing Industry.

Tracking of product movement and shipping

Worries aside, timely delivery of products to the buyers is a sure guarantee. A cloud-based ERP almost instantaneously empowers the industry with an online tracking facility. The batch number and lot number of all the various products permits the paper industry to ensure lot controlled use of the major components, tracking of the different varieties of paper, tacking of the overall shipment and getting quick updates on delivery at the final supply network. 

Sale and CRM made easy

Integration of Customer Relationship Management and the sales option along with the Marketing modules of ODOO ensures that there is better supply chain management. The categorization of customers implying to their location, type of products purchased and overall mode of payment preferred can be successfully updated with ease. Sale activities can be ideally well managed with the systematized customer database.

Generate invoice the perfect way

The comprehensive invoice includes the date of order, delivery method, picking and shipment time of the package along with the details of the shipment firm which is involved to help the buyer and seller. The details of entire shipment charges, number of packages ordered by the actual retailer and shipment priority is fully included. The invoice also helps to get a clear picture of the price per unit, the overhead taxes along with offers and discounts.

Data Management And Business Performance Analysis

Plan better for the future with the operation that consists of a comprehensive review and analysis of the product orders, sale overall statistics and expense along with revenue generation in the paper industry. Report generation is quickly possible with a click by integrating the database of work order, manufacturing order and sales records instantly. Reports mainly help to improve business by coordinating work centre coordination, cost management, and work hour management.

ODOO is an Open Source ERP Software system that is sure to assist you in every aspect of your business for scaling into new heights. It can promptly help with the tracking of every step from anywhere around the world and get automated alerts on quality and the overall versus the actual quantity of the product. All this and more makes it highly efficient and vital for the paper manufacturing industry and businesses to rely on an ERP implementation company for automating their processes towards better scaling. 

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is ERP in the Manufacturing Industry?

    ERP manufacturing helps in fully automating all business processes and provides accurate information. It also helps users in effortless navigation. With the integration of ERP, businesses are able to keep track of their processes and operations without much effort. This automation helps the manufacturing industry work more efficiently. 

  2. What are the benefits of ERP for the Paper Industry?

    The benefits of ERP in the paper manufacturing industry include:
    User training
    Higher resolution of data collection
    System management and development
    Reference to non-time based data
    Data security

  3. What is the list of Manufacturing Modules?

    Admin and masters management
    Sales management
    Purchase management
    Store management
    BOM management
    Planning management
    Production management
    Quality management
    Job Work management
    Billing and accounts management