Accounting features in Odoo ERP


Accounting being the important factor in any business or industry Odoo ERP provides an accounting module with enhanced features and easily customizable processes for its customers. Odoo ERP for accounting holds various features in the accounting module like Reports, analytic plans, asset management, analytics accounting, multi-currency, tax management, etc. 

List of few important features in Odoo ERP Accounting module

  • Business Intelligence reports

In Odoo ERP, the pivot table option is used to navigate through information like: consolidations, drill-up/down, group data, filters, etc.  Also multiple standard reports are available: Profit & Loss, cash flow statements, cash reports, executive summary and aged payable/receivables, etc. Using the user-friendly ERP software it is easy to get standard reports and chart of accounts available for 80+ countries.

  • Multiple analytic plans and timesheets

With Odoo ERP software, one can structure automatically the analytic accounts based on projects, contracts, departments, etc. Multiple analytic plans can be managed with default values and assignations ratios between cost accounts or projects. Get analytic entries automatically produced based on timesheets, supplier bills, work orders, etc.

  • Tax Audit Report

With Odoo ERP for accounting, the tax audit report allows you to check how the tax report is computed for audit purposes. In the tax report, select a line and click on the “audit” button to audit the journal items.

  • Revenue dashboard

With the Odoo ERP for accounting, SaaS metrics can be collated in clear dashboard: MRR, Churn, CAC, CAC ratio, Growth forecasts, ARR, CLT, CLTV, etc.

  • Credit Card Payments and automated follow-ups

In Odoo ERP credit card payments are done in swift action without any delay or prolonged processing. Odoo supports payment gateways like: Adyen, Paypal, Ingenico,, etc. Odoo proposes emails, follow-ups letters, and tasks automatically to ease the credit collection process.

  • Banks feeds, Import statements and manage cash registers

In Odoo ERP, bank statements can be automatically generated from the banks since 15,000 banks are supported in Odoo with countries include U.S, Canada and New Zealand. Cash transactions can be tracked easily with Odoo ERP and bank statements can be imported effortlessly using OFX, QIF, CSV or Coda files.

  • Assets Management & Budgets

In Odoo ERP, Depreciation boards and assets can be tracked easily and amortization entries can be generated automatically. Without much effort in a few clicks all events on assets can be managed. With Odoo accounting module, budgets can be tracked and compared in actual performance with other budgets and manage budget on your financial accounting or analytic accounts.


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