GreenMoney Payment Gateway Integration with Odoo


Nowadays, consumers have upgraded their shopping patterns through various online platforms influencing their comfort zone which resulted in a massive growth of the eCommerce business sector. When it comes to eCommerce business and online purchasing, payment gateways play an important role. Based on the geo-location, trust, familiarity, and various other criterias, customers expect certain payment gateway options available in the eCommerce website and application. 

With multiple payment gateways available in the market, merchants have to choose them wisely in accordance with their respective customers in order to increase their sales growth and customer-friendliness.

Why do you need to integrate payment gateways?

  • To provide a secure connection between the eCommerce website and the respective bank servers.
  • To completely reduce the fraudulent credit card activities within the eCommerce web stores. 
  • To gain and ensure trust among the customers to perform online transactions in the respective eCommerce website.


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How a payment Gateway works?

Payment gateways are nothing but an application that acts as a connector between the bank and the eCommerce website.


Greenmoney Payment Gateway Integration

GreenMoney Payment Gateway is an advanced, fast, easy, and affordable way of payment solution providing the customers a seamless experience on their transactions which results in increase in the overall loyalty and conversion.

A simple integration can bring the magic when it comes to experiencing this flexible payment solution in the Odoo online store. The following are the steps to be followed in order to integrate Odoo with GreenMoney Payment processing

  1. In order to integrate Odoo with GreenMoney payment processing, the user has to first acquire the required Client ID and API password from GreenMoney which will be created by means of the sandbox account.
  2. Using the acquired credentials, a test account and live account will be created. For both the test and live accounts, both the client ID and API password are the same. Only the URL of the accounts gets varied.
  3.  Once the user credentials and accounts are created, a separate payment option for GreenMoney is to be created in the Odoo system.
  4. In the backend Odoo ERP system, create a new payment mode using the ‘Payment Acquirer’ option. Provide the required name, ‘GreenMoney’ and other respective details in it.
  5. Once the payment acquirer is created, GreenMoney payment gateway method will be available in the final ‘Pay With’ screen. 
  6. The user can test and verify the payment transactions using the test account before using the live account.  

Thus, the GreenMoney Payment Gateway Integration with Odoo ERP is successfully implemented. Interested in knowing more about multiple payment gateways integration with Odoo? As an official Odoo Gold Partner and with proficient Odoo experts with a wide range of knowledge in various advanced frameworks, we are here to guide you through various technical processes of the desired payment gateway integration.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about GreenMoney Payment Gateway Integration

  1. What is payment gateway integration?

    The process of integrating the third party payment gateways with an eCommerce store is referred as Payment Gateway Integration. Third Party Payment Gateway Integrations include, GreenMoney, PayPal, Stripe, etc. Commonly, most trusted payment gateways are integrated with eCommerce stores in order to gain customers trust and loyalty.

  2. How do I integrate a payment gateway?

    To integrate a payment gateway with Odoo or other eCommerce platforms, we need certain requirements. They are as follows.
    ·         HTTP Request Method: POST
    ·         Sandbox API Endpoint 
    ·         Production API Endpoint
    ·         XML Content-Type: text/xml
    ·         JSON Content-Type: application/json
    ·         API Schema (XSD)

  3. What is Green Money Payment Gateway Integration?

    The process of integrating GreenMoney payment gateway with the desired eCommerce platform is referred as GreenMoney payment gateway integration. Along with the requirements, it comprises various steps to be followed which are defined as above.

  4. Did the Green Money Payment gateway integration is safe?

    GreenMoney Payment Gateway Integration is completely safe and secure to process with your eCommerce store. It provides a secure connection between your eCommerce store and the respective bank server. Also, it prevents fraudulent card activities in the eCommerce stores and platforms.

  5. How to integrate Greenmoney Payment gateway integration with Odoo?

    To integrate GreenMoney payment gateway with Odoo, follow the above mentioned steps of gaining a client ID and respective API password. Later, create a test and live account and inscribe them in Odoo. In case of any clarifications required, as a Odoo gold partner, we are here to help you.