How Odoo can help you set up Remote Workplace in your Business?


Home has undeniably become the new office these days for most people. Ever since the coronavirus has hit the world, it has managed to severely disrupt people’s work-life and interfere in their personal spaces causing catastrophic losses for businesses in the economic sectors of almost all the countries.

Many businesses have even stopped their overall operations for the period while some others are operating partially, with precaution. Therefore people have seen no other way than to move their offices inside their homes thus reducing the crowding that can take place at offices and business establishments. 

Odoo can be a helpful solution when it comes to solving the problem at your company. HR management is significantly one of the best features of Odoo which makes it enough and efficient as an operational tool to not only the entire company operations but also for the advanced human resource management tools as well. These include tools such as project management, payroll standardization, attendance monitoring, etc. 

Odoo can also greatly help to manage your employees effectively. In addition to that, the Odoo platform comes primarily with its advanced and enhanced communication tools that will allow the employees as well as business owners and the manager to stay round-the-clock connected. 

Odoo can be immensely helpful with anything in managing the work from home options of your business and company at various aspects such as;

  • Real-time Communication
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Appointment and Meeting Management
  • Online Marketing

Real-time communication

Information sharing and teamwork are undoubtedly the major pillars of any business organization. Considering that in mind along with the Odoo platform specifics, works on the common database platform amplifies in allowing employees to share information and communicate with each other within the company effectively. Odoo inbox is an amazing application in Odoo which genuinely allows the customers to communicate effectively with each other on the various aspects of the project.

Project management

Remote working insists and requires effective project management for managing and running the ongoing projects of the company. The project management application in the Odoo platforms allows the users to effectively plan and execute the overall operations of the various projects in the related company. The tool also allows the users to locate the employees and assign certain tasks on the project and that they could monitor for their progress. Moreover, the tool acts as a supervisory application for the company to monitor the employees on their work progress and overall efficiency. 

Human resource management

Managing employee attendance as well as tracking with their shift management can be tedious and hectic if working remotely. The attendance tool in the Odoo software allows the users to manage and monitor the overall employee attendance of each and every company employee. 

Appointment and meeting management

Since the pandemic situation is widely prevailing in the world many organizations have moved to limiting the interactions with the customers and the prospective clients allowing meetings with the help of pre-booked and planned appointments. The Odoo platform allows the user to manage, maintain, and schedule their overall appointments and meetings with the help of customers using the appointments module first hand. Using a calendar the user can then go ahead and schedule the meetings and daily appointments with the clients as well as the vendors thus limiting the possible entry of them into the office spaces and premises. 

Online marketing

Marketing is probably an inevitable fact of any business organization as it promotes its overall products and services. The pandemic situation has severely hit the economic and consumer sector of most businesses so hard that even physical marketing campaigns have been reduced due to the en number of restrictions on gatherings. The Odoo platform however allows users to create and majorly manage online marketing campaigns as well as the promotions online. The platform then provides provision for the users to then and always send out marketing emails, business related messages, pop-up messages, as well as advertisements to the customers. 

The COVID 19 has torn the normal operations of the world with several restrictions, but we could adapt to new and improved methodologies while running our company effectively rather than just waiting for the scenario to be normal and accepting the new normal and working towards progress.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Benefits Of Remote Workspace Model?

The benefits include:
Reduced allocation of workspace 
Better efficiency
Time management
Paperless process
Better engagement

2. How Odoo helps Remote Work Management?

Odoo helps with HR and inventory operations, to finance and sales as well as providing with the right tools to work together successfully.

3. What are the key features of odoo work from home?

The key features promised by Odoo are:
Attendance Monitoring
Task Tracking
Project Management