New-year Celebration

New Year Celebration Cake Cutting Moments

First of all we wish you all a ‘Happy prosperous New-year’.

Once again, it’s the end of an amazing year and the start of a fortunate year.
Every New-year brings us joy, achievements and resolutions for our future betterment. This occasion is filled with fun and enlightenment in bonding our employees of our PPTS family.

We started the ending day of 2018 by means of decorating the entire office workspace and proceeded by hosting a series of fun-filled games and activities. In order to gear up the party, we added some colourful lights and music in the air. All the teams played their individual part in a comical act followed by refreshments.

In order to end the year with a happy note and as a beginning for the upcoming year with celebration and more success stories and as a part of appreciation for all our employees for their contribution in our success journey, we ended the amusing evening by means of organizing a cake cutting ceremony.

The entire day was fun packed with elation, which not only strengthened the bond between our employees but also revamped the corporate monotomy. It paved a new way to re-energize our employees and their team spirit. Apart from entertainment, being festive in the workplace plays a major influencing factor for the management to engage with their employees and for team building in more natural way. 

Especially New-year acts as an auspicious day in which the business heads and managers have their opportunity in sharing the company’s success and employees contribution in it directly to all the employees.

Shaped by different customs and traditions, New-year is all about thanking for the previous year’s success and wishing luck for the upcoming year’s opportunities and challenges.