Odoo 14 Roadmap : What new features are expected from the new version update!


Excited about the new release of Odoo 14 ? 

Yes,!!! Lets dive deep into some of the expected Features of Odoo14.

Odoo has always been a simple and effective software with solutions for all your business complexities. The more you know about Odoo; the more you will find a business solution!!  As you know, there are already a handful of features for the current version of Odoo.  

But, who wants to be satisfied with what you have ? 

Hence, Odoo is now polished with new features and highlights to excite your business with its new version Odoo 14  expected to be launched in October 2020 . 

What are some of the expected features in Odoo 14 ? 

  • Save time while operating/processing documents like sales orders or stock transfers.

  • Cross-App Integration to add more efficiency for e-commerce, rental, or others.

  • Updates in framework to improve performance while enabling smoother development.

  • Smart Warnings across all applications

Just to have a sneak peak into the growth of Odoo So far, 

  • Initiated as a Tiny ERP in 2005, then growing into version 7 to be well known as Open ERP. 
  • Post that , it was followed by a phenomenal growth of various editions to Odoo 12 and the current version of Odoo 13 with some exceptional features of the moment.


Here you go!!!  Your wait is over to know the exciting features of Odoo..


The big date is getting nearby! By the end of this year, October 2020, Odoo Version 14 is about to be launched with much more advanced features and already provided inbuilt options. Odoo as an all-in-one ERP business suite helps a business in better management and to improve the overall efficiency of the organization. The existing Odoo 13 features benefits a business multi-dimensionally. So, the common question that rises among the ERP users is,

‘What are all the new advanced features Odoo version 14 will comprise?’ 

Interested about the Odoo 14 features? Based on the Odoo 14 roadmap presented in the Odoo Experience 2019, let’s have a look at the expected features of Odoo 14.

Expected Features of Odoo 14

Despite the advanced features we experience in the Odoo 13, the following are the expected features of Odoo 14.

  • Clear documentation explanations 

A proper documentation is required for all the features and settings provided in an ERP system, Now, available for every individual settings in Odoo version 14


  • SEO and Analytics 

Odoo 13 introduced the concepts of search engine optimization. As a further step, Odoo version 14 ensures us with advanced SEO optimization concepts when it comes to online website configuration. Additionally, it provides us with analytics details for better business insights.


  • Signature Customization in Delivery Orders

Now, in Odoo 14, the signature section can be customized i.e, it can be chosen whether it is to be displayed or not by enabling and disabling the checkbox.


  • Additional settings in inventory model

Odoo 14 now comes with additional settings for the inventory model which is used to define the validation of PO.


  • User-friendly category filter

When we speak about Odoo ERP, we can’t neglect the importance of Odoo modules available in Odoo app stores. In Odoo version 14, an user-friendly category filter is provided on the left navigation panel in the apps section.


  • Advanced features for POS inventory management 

Point Of Sale is a vital part when it comes to inventory management. Odoo 14 assists its users with advanced features for POS.


  • Availability of access change in access rights

Providing authority is one of the important features to be needed. Odoo version 14 provides the availability of access rights and record rules as well as from model to the users when they are enabled with the developer mode.


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  • Website Cookies Bar

Customer privacy has become more important in our digital era. Enabling and disabling of website cookies bar is one of the advanced features of Odoo 14.


  • SMS Button Phone Widget 

Odoo version 14 comes with the updated phone widgets. A SMS button is updated and available in the mobile phone widget.


  • Selection of all records

Handling bulk records is one of the main complex tasks. Now, the complex task is simplified within a single click in Odoo version 14. An additional button is added in the records page which keeps the total records and helps in selecting all the records at an instant.


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  • Price List Action

Now inside the product listings, the user can generate Price List Action.


  • Emoji Widget 

Emojis can express the exact feel of the statement provided. In Odoo 14, the user can describe the descriptions by using the emoji widget.


  • Recommended fields in Odoo studio

In Odoo version 14, the recommended fields for the objects are available for Odoo studio.


  • Avoid Data Duplicity 

Data duplicity is one of the complex problems which every business faces. An advanced feature of Odoo 14 named Data Cleaning option helps the users to avoid data duplicity at ease.


  • New intuitive dashboard

A new intuitive dashboard is one of the new Odoo 14 features introduced in order to manage expenses at crucial times.


Have a look at some of the Advanced  snippets in Odoo 14

  • New chart title snippet
  • Auto pop snippet
  • Product catalog snippet
  • Big Boxes snippet
  • Masonry snippet
  • Odoo website showcase snippet
  • Timeline snippet
  • Blog post snippet


Benefits of Odoo 14

The following are the benefits that can be expected from Odoo version 14.

  • Ultimate time efficiency for the users and organization’s employees.
  • Availability of multiple cross app integrations will increase the overall efficiency of the organization.
  • Smart warnings with Odoo auto-bot
  • Advanced frameworks changes for improved performance
  • Efficient tools to gain better business insights resulting in better decisions

Odoo 14 for your Business Growth !! 

So, Are you all set for the Innovation ? 

New features in Odoo 14  can help you to uplift your business seamlessly . Further to that , easy customisation is also commendable. So, Hopefully, let’s expect that Odoo 14 can bring us exciting opportunities ahead . 

Excited to know the Odoo 14 Release Date ?

Hopefully, as usual, it’s expected to be released during the Odoo Experience which will be conducted in Belgium, every October. 

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