Odoo Editions – Community, Online & Enterprise – What You Need to Know!


Odoo Edition

Odoo is an Open ERP system that is inclusive of CMS, CRM, MRP, HR and many other services in addition to basic business management. Many thanks to the Technology!!!!!! More than 5 million people are already using Odoo to grow their businesses. 

Some of the biggest names in business have shown their trust by implementing Odoo solutions.


Odoo Editions 

3 Editions, namely : 



    Odoo Community Edition 

Historically, Odoo had only one version that was  free, open source, and primarily supported by the Odoo community. This has no access to mobile-friendliness and advanced features and modules required for the smooth functioning of large businesses. 


One of the basic versions of Odoo with minimum features. To overcome the hurdles and to expand the business functionalities, the Enterprise Edition was released. 

Odoo Enterprise Edition 

Odoo released its v9 in 2015, there was a major breakthrough by introducing the Odoo Enterprise Edition  for the first time. It was enriched with advanced modules and features with additional cost.

4 major criteria that define how an Enterprise is different from Community

  • Modules/Features 
  • Tech Support, Bug Fixes & Version Upgrades 
  • Hosting 
  • Pricing 

Continue reading more to find out which Odoo Edition is best fit for your business!!!

Modules & Features 

Odoo Enterprise, well known as the platinum version of Odoo, is built on top of an open source community layer, with add-ons and updated modules and features.  For v12, many of the advanced capabilities and features like Multi-website management and IP-address lead generation are found solely on the Enterprise version. Also, the highlighted features like Document Management, IoT are exclusively available in Enterprise. 




  • Another exclusive module in Enterprise edition
  • Odoo v12 has numerous pre-built shipping integrations and eBay connectors.
  • Full Accounting is also available.


  • One of the most vital modules/features 
  • Allows you to have an overview of workcenters
  • Provision to schedule, control, allocate your production activities
  • Quality control , maintenance and IoTintegration are also available 

Support and Upgrades 

This is the next important factor that defines how an Enterprise is different from community. It’s a common practice that businesses rely mostly on solutions that have instant support whenever they need.  Odoo has a dedicated support for the Enterprise. You can also upgrade from Community to Enterprise

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Another feature that distinguishes the Odoo Edition is the Hosting capabilities. For Odoo Community,  the hosting needs to be handled by your own whether it can be on premises or on  hosted servers.

For Enterprise edition, on the other hand, you have both the options as above, and an additional option – cloud hosting  using odoo.sh.  Added to that, you can also have Odoo SAAS which cannot be customised – because it’s a multi-tenant model where everyone has access to the same software. 

Odoo Community Hosting 

Odoo Enterprise Hosting 

On premises 

On premises 

Cloud Hosting Options are available  (AWS, Google Cloud, etc) 

Cloud Hosting Options are available  (AWS, Google Cloud, etc) 

Cloud hosting (Odoo.sh) 

Saas (cannot customize) 


Last but not least, one of the important concerns is the pricing. Enterprise is the licensed version of odoo and Yearly expenses are incurred in the licensing fees.  The main reason behind the licensing fees are the availability of advanced features and modules that can be customized based on the business requirements.

ODOO Online Edition 

Further, Odoo online was launched after the release of Odoo version 10. Using the Odoo online platform, newbies using Odoo can easily modify the existing apps with developed user-interface. 

Odoo Online is a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud-based platform wherein,  a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers via the Internet. Its easy to sign up but lacks the provision to create any custom modules or develop custom code of the software. Odoo online is not flexible compared to Odoo.sh.


Image Courtesy : PlanetOdoo

Community or Enterprise Edition for your business???

It clearly depends on what you’re looking for from the Odoo instance.  Odoo Enterprise has many modules and features out of the box that the community lacks. 

If you have trouble making this decision, let us know!!  PPTS Solutions is an Official Odoo Silver Partner and we have implemented Odoo Solutions to hundreds of companies across various industry niches. 

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Odoo Edition