Odoo Data Migration : Best Ways to Manage your Data Migration


In a well-growing business, a huge amount of data from different working systems get accumulated every day in varying formats. In order to manage the various accumulated data formats and to experience the latest technologies, the existing system requires a substantial upgrade to a larger server. Thus, Data migration plays a pivot role when it comes to business success. It allows an organization to expand its data store and management capabilities which results in overall business ranking. At some point, when it comes to business development, an organization must experience data migration.

Why do you need data migration in your business?

  • In order to endorse success and increase the efficient functionalities, a business must update itself with new market features and technologies. Data and version migrations assist you with the latest updated features in the market.
  • Inefficient productivity is one of the major difficulties that can be sorted out through data migration to new systems. Complicated work functionalities can be simplified with ease resulting in increase in the overall efficiency.
  • Security is another major significant factor for a business. By implementing database migration service, a business can gain the next level security system protecting their complete data system.

When it comes to business managements that use ERP systems for organization purpose, data migration is mandatory in order to streamline the business processes more precisely. Odoo ERP is one among the most advanced and popular ERP technologies which releases its updated ERP system in new versions every year. Odoo V13 is the updated Odoo ERP system which was launched in 2019.

The Data Migration Approach  

  • Transactional approach
  • Tabular approach


Speaking about data migration, what does it exactly mean? 

In Odoo ERP, Data Migration is nothing but migrating the existing database from one or more legacy systems to another. In Odoo ERP, depending on the scale and complexity of the implementation, data migration ranges from small amounts of data to large volumes of data.

Did you know that Data Migration represents about 60% of any large enterprise IT projects?

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Types of Odoo Migration

When it comes to Odoo Migration, there are two types, namely;

  • Transaction Driven Approach
  • Table Driven Approach


Transaction Driven Approach


Transaction Driven Approach is the most commonly opted solution since it is highly cost-efficient. In this method of Odoo migration, the data is extracted from the legacy system and later, it is converted into a load file which is processed with load programs provided by the ERP system. The reason behind this cost-efficient solution is that the scope of data migration is limited to active data.

In order to opt with this method of data migration, the customer should maintain the legacy system in read only mode after go-live in order to comply with local legislation on data retention timelines.

Table Driven Approach 

Table Driven Approach is the less commonly opted solution since it is significantly high in data migration cost. In this method of Odoo migration, all the tables that construct the legacy system are migrated and mapped one-to-one to the newly constructed tables of the new ERP system. The reason behind the high cost of data migration is due to the restriction of data migration within the same ERP vendors.

How does Odoo ERP Migration take place?

Analysis Stage

In order to migrate an Odoo database, the initial step is to identify the data format, location, and sensitivity of the ols database that has to be migrated. Future, the architectural analysis of the two different ERP systems should be aligned in the analysis stage.

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Development Stage

In this stage, the size and scope of the project will be depicted. The size of the historical data to be migrated will be decided and the scope of the database i.e., which data to be migrated – Master data and Transactional (Open/Closed) will be processed.

Assess staff and migration tool

In this stage of Odoo upgrade services, the old database will be processed for migration using a data migration tool such as Pentaho DI. The data will be extracted from the legacy system to a staging environment. Further, the extracted data will be converted and enriched to the structure required to load into the new ERP system. As the end result, the enriched data will be reconciled based on completeness and accuracy of the database.

Thus as the end result, the Odoo upgrade services will be successfully rendered through which the Odoo Version Migration and Code Migration to the new system is processed successfully.

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