Ways to Sell your Products on eBay with Odoo


Well, All of us across the globe are aware of the conveniences that home shopping has given us during the unprecedented times of Covid. This lockdown has opened up new ways for both small, medium and large-scale sellers to reach out to their customers or prospects on a wider aspect.  This has the following aspects : 

  • More flexibility 
  • Less infrastructure investment 
  • Reaching out to wider niche market 
  • Online dominance to boost sales 

Today, think, what is not available online ? 

Stationary to Food to Attires to Every simple thing is at your fingertip. Sit at the comfort of your home, Order and get it! As simple as it is!  Isn’t it ? 

The big brands that you hear or swear are now accompanied by online stores – be it Amazon, eBay, Flipkart or anything else.  The world is changing, so are the people. The people behaviour has changed  a lot – especially in getting products online. This pandemic has pushed all of us to taste the benefits of online shopping. 

But have you thought what would be the greatest advantage of all of these online sellers?

Yes, with no doubt, it’s the wide reachability and deep dive into the niche market that has pushed them to think beyond. With an inhouse system to reach out to customers, now customers are reaching out to them with no geographical barriers.  Not to forget that these online platforms give sellers the best customer base, whose trust and confidence are an added privilege. Even though standing out in the millions of options is not quite easy, undoubtedly, the quick outreach of products sold online does matter.  

With businesses picking up, many companies have started their own online shopping websites, but the sad part is not many of them would really require this, rather this can be accomplished by partnering with trending online shopping sites. 

Now, What next ! 

Now think of companies who have thought of taking their business online and to boost their sales online. What’s the first option to be looked at ? 

  1. Integration with an established online platform can be a good beginning, Of Course! It’s because it would even act as a reachability factor to a larger customer base. With effective strategies in place, taking the product to the customers has been made easier on these online platforms.
  2. Establish the partnership and start selling more, more and more !!!

Which platform would you choose from ? 

A lot of options rush through our mind when we think of online selling platforms – be it amazon, flipkart or ebay or even other. 

eBay is one of the most reputed and the well respected online shopping platforms that has proved itself to be unique among others. It has a very simple and easy seller registration process and shipping options. It is also among the multi-sided platforms that establishes a good connection between the sellers and buyers without any ownership of the sold products. 

A big high five for ebay is that it is more seller-oriented than most of the online platforms.  

eBay Connector

Available in the Odoo Apps under Sales menu. 


Amazon and eBay connectors will be available. Amazon connector will import the Amazon orders and sync deliveries. eBay connector will make it possible for you to publish the products from Inventory on eBay

Let’s explore how to install the eBay connector and its configuration process. 

How to Configure eBay?

After installing the Odoo eBay connector, from the developer portal, the immediate next step is to create a developer account.  

  • It’s helpful  for  token generation. 
  • Next is to create sandbox keys and production keys. 
  • The values generated and tokens will help you to integrate the Sales module with eBay

Yayy!! Account set up is done!


Next, head on to the Sales module and go to Configuration. Search for the eBay settings → Fill in the Fields and save the changes.  

It would complete the Integration of eBay connector with the Sales. 

Storage Location 

Once the account token is done, it’s possible to add the storage location of the products via the Add other countries link. Also enable the country list as well to use eBay.


Assign sales team 

After the countries list are ready, we can choose from the list and also choose the currency based on the preference. Then , we can look at the eBay sales in the configuration.


It includes : 

  • Adding a sales team leader
  • Invoicing target 
  • Team members

You can also hire more sales teams by choosing from the configuration menu. 

Product Configuration

Create the products from the sales module or from the inventory module and sell, rent or purchase them. Create the products and enter the details to proceed.

Listing on ebay

  • Sales configuration is done 
  • Product configuration is done

Then comes the Listing on eBay

We have options to modify shipping, return and payment policies for the product,  we can list the item on eBay.


As a last part of Configuration of the product and eBay connector, we need to get the products published for sale on eBay. 

Looking for any assistance in Odoo? 

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