Odoo ERP For Automotive Industry


Automotive is one of the major industries that plays a vital role in economic growth of a country. The growth of the automotive industries is very consistent and strong over the past decades. With the advancing technologies, the automotive industry is experiencing consistent changes in their invention architectures. The advanced technological concepts of automation have made a huge impact and bloomed a new revolution in the automotive industry. In order to streamline these advancements and manage large-scale production scales of the automotive industry, implementation of ERP systems is substantial. Without an effective integrated ERP system, the entire production and supply chain processes get tangled.

Speaking about an effective management system, Odoo ERP has consistently portrayed its advancements over the years, especially reaching heights in streamlining the manufacturing units. Also, Odoo acts as a single stop solution through which the entire process of the automotive industry, starting from manufacturing units to the logistics management can be planned, executed, and monitored efficiently.

Do You Know!

Over the decades, India has emerged to be an important part in the global automotive industry. By the year 2019, India is the third largest in the Asia-Pacific.

Why to choose Odoo ERP for the Automotive Industry?

  • By implementing Odoo ERP for Automotive industry, the user can easily manage the business profit margin efficiently by minimizing the unnecessary expenditures and reducing the wastages.
  • Odoo ERP Implementation can result in speeding up the overall business processes since it is an integrated ERP system which can provide quicker and seamless manufacturing operations.
  • It can reduce the overall production costs and increase the manufacturing quality simultaneously by optimizing the raw material usage.

Odoo ERP for Automotive Industry

Odoo ERP System can help a business user in managing both internal and external resources which includes the tangible assets, raw materials, human resource, and financial resources. The following are the functionalities Odoo ERP system can cater efficiently for an automotive business.

Raw Materials Management

Odoo ERP for Automotive Industry offers an individual purchase module in order to purchase the raw materials that are required for the manufacturing process. Also, the respective vendors can be managed within the purchased raw materials page. Also, the user can perform the product processes and quality checks. The feature of by-product sub-contraction functionality is also available for the products manufactured.


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Inventory Management

Various raw materials, manufactured products, etc., are processed on a regular basis when it comes to the automobile industry. In such cases, an effective inventory management system is required for establishing an efficient warehouse system. Odoo ERP system supports its users with the inventory module through which the inventory baked operations for manufacturing and sales. It allows management of multiple warehouses with additional tools of inventory adjustment.  Also, custom product movements routes can be provisioned within the company operations.


Manufacturing Process Management

Manufacturing processes in the automotive industry comprises various inline operations that are to be interlinked with more accurate data processing systems. Odoo ERP System is an integrated management tool which helps its users to streamline and automate the various business functionalities indulged in the manufacturing processes.

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Employee Management

In order to experience an effective manufacturing process, allocation of employees, work schedulements, OTs, etc., has to be efficiently managed. Odoo ERP for Automotive Industry assists its users with an efficient employee management system. The user can manage their employees efficiently by customizing the employee worksheets, allocate employees with regards to available multi projects, manage OTs, and award employees based on their additional services. 

Fleet Management 

Odoo ERP provides the advanced features of fleet management through which the user can manage the vehicles, rentals, costs, insurances, work orders, services, assignments, invoices and history of vehicles. Also, it extends the modular functionalities of Odoo base fleet module. Efficient vehicle registration process, word order management, generation of various fleet reports, etc., can be managed efficiently using the Odoo fleet management.


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Quality Check

Establishment of accurate quality check processes is mandatory in order to obtain the desired end quality products. Odoo ERP system helps in establishing an efficient quality check processing system which helps the user to analyze the faults in machinery, product specifications, and other flaws in the quality product deliverables. Further, steps can be prescribed for seamless operations producing the desired quality end deliverables.

The Odoo ERP for Automotive Industry establishes an effective management software and production strategy through which the overall productivity of the business. Also, the Odoo solutions ensure a better workflow and customer relationship management.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Odoo ERP for Automotive Industry

  1. What are the benefits of Odoo ERP in the manufacturing and automotive industry ?

    The following are some of the major benefits of Odoo ERP for manufacturing and automotive industry.
    Effective Quality Control
    Increased productivity
    Efficient forecasting
    Master data management
    Increased ROI
    Better workforce management
    Flexible workspace

  2. Which top industries are moving towards Odoo ?

    The following are some of the major industries that are opting the Odoo solutions to manage their daily business functionalities.
    Auto Mobile
    Real Estate
    E- Commerce 
    Health Care

  3. How does the Odoo ERP software influence the automobile industry?

    Automotive industry faces multiple challenges in key business functionalities such as maintaining customer requirements, inventory management, waste related complications, cost management, etc. Odoo ERP as an open-source ERP software helps in overcoming all these challenges and manage the automobile business more efficiently within a single software.

  4. Which is the best ERP software that is mostly used in the automotive industry?

    When we speak about the best ERP software used in the automotive industry, ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, Marg, etc., are considered most commonly. Considering the consistent growth in the automotive industry, Odoo ERP has made a huge impact since it can be customized based on unique business needs.