How Odoo eCommerce helps in building your Aesthetic Online Store?


Experiencing the effects of globalization in our daily life, we are currently living in a dynamic environment where everything continues to change with the technological advancements. In order to be updated with the current market technologies and compete with their upgraded trends, eCommerce development has become a substantial necessity for all businesses. Today, the online sales of a business is considerably higher when compared with their retail store sales since consumers have upgraded their behaviour patterns. Thus, maintaining an eCommerce store for your business has become one of the essential factors that directly impacts business sales and growth.

Establishing an eCommerce store and maintaining all the online as well as offline functionalities, from inventory management to shipment and customer feedback management, it comprises multiple challenges clustered together. In order to overcome these business challenges and to administer an eCommerce store efficiently, the business needs an effective and simplified management tool. And, that is where Odoo ERP plays its vital part.

Odoo ERP for eCommerce


Odoo eCommerce Services is an advance-featured application of Odoo ERP which assists the business user to develop, establish, and manage all the eCommerce website and operations effectively. Odoo ERP for eCommerce helps its users to manage all their eCommerce business functionalities such as inventory, warehouse, purchase orders, shipments, promotions, and payment gateway services using the Odoo eCommerce integration services.

Also, an eCommerce website development may take days and at times even months to make a profound online presence. Odoo ERP for eCommerce simplifies the entire process through which the business user can set up the eCommerce store within a few hours using the inbuilt Odoo website editor.

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Why is Odoo ERP for eCommerce essential for your online business?

  • Odoo acts as a simplified all-in-one management tool using which all the front and back end ecommerce business functionalities can be managed efficiently.
  • By implementing Odoo eCommerce solutions, the user can experience the benefits of advanced Odoo ERP features.
  • Further, the Odoo ERP assists with the Odoo eCommerce integration features which helps its business users to streamline and automate their work systems.

Features of Odoo eCommerce

Odoo eCommerce services comprises various advanced features which makes the eCommerce website development and services much easier. The following are some of the advanced unique features of Odoo eCommerce services.


  • Inbuilt Website Builder

    Odoo ERP for eCommerce helps in developing your desired website within a few minutes using the inbuilt Odoo website builder. Also, the user can create artistic product pages with relevant images and information within a matter of seconds.
  • Increased Revenue using the multiple attributes feature

    Using the Multiple Attributes Features, display the relevant products when the customers view a product which ultimately results in better product exposure and business sales. Thus, the multiple attributes feature helps in increased business revenue.
  • SEO tools for better Optimization

    Odoo V13 has multiple inbuilt SEO features through which the eCommerce store and the displayed products can be optimized for better ranking in the search engines. Make use of dedicated keywords so that the users can search, find out, and identify new customers.
  • Multi-language availability

    As an internationally standardized ERP software, Odoo eCommerce assists its business users with an inbuilt translator feature. The desired web page along with the product details can be easily translated within a single click. The entire action of the transaction settings will be updated within the next 32 hours automatically.
  • Advance Inventory and Product Management

    Using the inbuilt features of Odoo ERP, the business user can easily streamline and automate their inventory and product management using customized solutions with the help of Odoo partners. Also, the user can parallely manage their products in third-party eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, etc.


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  • Payment Gateway Management

    Multiple payment gateways can be easily integrated with the established eCommerce store through the Odoo integration solutions. The desired payment gateways such as PayPal,, GreenMoney, etc., can easily be provided to the developed Odoo eCommerce website using simple integrations which helps in increased customer trust and loyalty.
  • Efficient Tax Management

    With better configurations of the fiscal positions in the Odoo ERP backend system, Odoo can assist the business user in automating the tax processes in major countries and state tax rates.
  • Advanced Business Analysis

    With the help of Odoo ERP, the user can easily gain detailed business insights and sales analysis using which the user can make accurate business decisions.
  • Availability of Modular solutions

    Odoo is known for its modular solutions. Independent modules are available for various individual business needs. Thus, it reduces the overall cost of implementation of the ERP.
  • Odoo eCommerce integrations

    Various third party integrations such as payment gateway, shipments, logistics service providers, social media platforms, accounting tools  etc., can be easily integrated with the Odoo eCommerce website.

Benefits of Odoo eCommerce

  • The entire eCommerce website can be easily established in an artistic manner within a few hours using Odoo ERP.
  • The entire business functionalities to manage the eCommerce store is administered within a single platform, Odoo ERP.
  • The desired eCommerce web store is developed at low cost implementation.
  • The required customizations of ERP can be processed at ease since Odoo ERP is completely open-source in nature. 
  • Odoo eCommerce services are completely reliable and highly scalable.
  • Odoo eCommerce solutions result in faster ROI.

Thus, as we are progressing towards advancement on every aspect, we need modern solutions to overcome our business challenges. Odoo eCommerce services helps its business users with multi-dimensional benefits and modern solutions. PPTS India Pvt Ltd., is an official Odoo Gold Partner and a leading Odoo eCommerce development company helping our customers in building their online presence more profoundly.

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What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP is an open-source all-in-one business management software which helps in streamlining all the unique functionalities of a business. Also, Odoo is known for its modular solutions since individual modules are available for users for experiencing better customization and management solutions.

Why Odoo ERP for eCommerce Business?

Odoo acts as a simplified all-in-one management tool using which all the front and back end ecommerce business functionalities can be managed efficiently. Further, Odoo comprises multiple advanced eCommerce features and advanced integrated solutions in it.

Benefits of eCommerce with Odoo ERP Integration

All-in-one solution
Highly flexible and scalable
Availability of advanced customized features
Low implementation cost
Faster ROI

What are the Benefits of Odoo Integration?

Better streamlined business functions
Integration leads to automation
Efficient management of third party apps in Odoo itself

What are the different types of apps that are integrated with Odoo ERP?

Third-party eCommerce platforms – Amazon, Magento, etc.
Multiple Desired Payment gateways – PayPal,, GreenMoney, etc.
Accounting applications – QuichBooks, Tally, etc.
Logistics Integration – UPL, DCL, DHL, FedEx, etc.