How to Use Odoo for Inventory Management?


Inventory is probably the most important part of business operations. Infact, It is an essential part of small and large business operations. This however cannot be neglected. 

Sources by UpKeep states that “A top ten reason for any startup to fall is them failing to manage their inventory.”

Inventory is key for each and every industry, be it manufacturing, the regular point of sale, any dropshipping, or other all requires a well-defined inventory management system in order to ensure the effective distribution of products without delay.

So what are the benefits of an effective inventory management system?

An inventory management system has a set of advantages that cannot be neglected. It is key to attaining a complete operations system in almost all areas of business. These include:

  • It helps to fruitfully organize storage and distribution
  • Supports the overall management of all the raw materials and finished products
  • Eases the sale activities by effectively tracking the available products
  • Ensure the appropriate and accurate stock level management
  • Support multi-warehouse management
  • Systematize internal transfer

Want an inventory management software that won’t fail you?

That is where Odoo comes into the picture

Odoo inventory management software uses the finest cutting-edge automation and all the advanced routes in order to help you manage your warehouse efficiently. It also increases internal visibility, as well as the overall accessibility of all the information across all stakeholders of your business.

Odoo is the ultimate online warehouse management software, which allows you to maximize your total warehouse efficiency and to then streamline your actual supply chain.

But what more can this do for you?

odoo inventory-management

Increase performance and process time

Odoo’s inventory management comes with double-entry options and has no output, stock input, or need for any transformation. Infact all stocks tend to move and operations move between locations. Odoo allows you to fully optimize the efficiency of the stocking method in order to improve all your actual internal operations.

Never run out of stock

With Odoo’s significant inventory management you can safely automate the entire process from Request for total Quotations (RFQs) to actually strengthening the entire supply chain.

Increase stock traceability

Odoo’s unique and advanced double-entry inventory system mainly helps you to track every stock that moves from purchase to the warehouse or the bin to the end sales order. You can trace almost anything and everything. 

Generate real-time reports

This is definitely possible with Odoo inventory management, as almost every metric you could need is sorted, grouped and even filtered in the display format of a histogram, chart or even a pivot table to give you the in depth insights into your operations.

Let’s not forget some key features of Odoo Inventory: 

Double entry inventory management

Allows the actual end-to-end traceability of all your required inventory, from the actual supplier to customers.

Replenishment rules

You can easily and effectively manage your entire warehouse from just one screen.

Bar code scanning

Use barcode scanners for all your inventory operations to promote better visibility of all the packed orders and more.

All this and more for a holistic form of management where you can add a myriad of custom fields to include into your Odoo’s inventory management. 

75% of all supply chain management professionals mainly want to improve their actual inventory management practices.

That is where we come into the picture!

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With all this said, we provide expert opinion in terms of Odoo for inventory management and all the other salient features that are possible with Odoo. To know more visit our Odoo Inventory Solutions